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Originally Posted by Lady Kuno View Post
It only drops a cluster, and not a crystal. This is intentional.
Good to know. It's much more frustrating to think that I lost my entry due to random chance rather than game design.

Can something be done about this?

These are all obsoleted items that can't be removed, which I'm forced to carry after finding replacements, and in some cases items like the Samurai Armor need to be manually unequipped using Optimization because the game counts points to HP/MP the same as the other stats.

I'd like to be able to get rid of these, especially stuff like the Dunce Cap. Unless it's quest relevant, why would I need something like this?! And I doubt the Samurai Armor would be quest relevant because it was Dark Tower loot, and the Dark Tower is no longer accessible, so it could easily be missed.

I have a lot of Key Items too, but Key Items don't clog up the Buy/Sell screens, or interference with Optimization.
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