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Massive update.

I leveled Terra to 44 and got her Fire 3. Coupled with an 84 Magic Power, she does 6000 damage with an AOE Fire 3 to Undead. MgkPW is all I've been boosting through her with Espers, though.

I guess I'm in the WOR now? I just went through the Imperial Banquet.

I don't know why, but Locke's story seemed to be the most interesting to me to begin with, and it just got better here.

Why? Well, General Leo dropped a bomb that two Imperial Generals were traveling with us to the lost land: Celes, and Shadow. After sleeping in the INN, Locke awakens and tries to talk to Celes.

I recognized the tune and thought about it, and it's the same opera theme Celes sang to bait Seltzer into giving them the airship. As some of you know, the story of the play was Maria being forced against her will but still loving her original man, Draco. The meta of this was Locke went to save Celes-as-Maria.

So what's going on between these two? Is there attraction? I can't really tell through the censored dialogue...would help if I had the original Japanese to look at. But, Locke clearly has his obligations to Ms. Dead Body in Kohlingen. I also think that the swoon is more from Celes toward Locke than the other way around. He was spending most of his time trying to atone - from his perspective he can't do enough. But from Celes' POV, Locke has been her knight in shining armour.

Ultimately, I think the story has gotten a lot better since Scooby Doo opened the chest of demons. It's moved out of cringeworthy territory and into an "interesting" borough.
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