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Originally Posted by Concept View Post
Have you considered that maybe JRPGS aren't for you?

More seriously though, if you're not enjoying it then maybe stop playing it? Just because it's widely popular doesn't mean you have to "get" it. I similarly can't stand FF7. The story and characters are what tends to be the big draw for people enjoying FF6, if you're not into them then that's ok but it's probably not the game for you. Like most FFs, its mechanics aren't is strongsuit.
I don't have a lot of experience with console JRPGs. I had a bad experience with FFVII, but loved FFI, Pokemon and visual novels.

FFI is all mechanics. Visual novels are all story. Pokemon games are the transition between the two, with earlier games closer to FF1 and later games basically being glorified VNs.

That positive experience shouldn't be predictive of a bad experience. Although, BBB said I would hate this game, and I definitely have one foot in that camp.

The mechanics were irritating at first but I'm used to them. What's problematic is that it's all I care about right now, because the story/characters are extremely cliche. Like, this game is so tired cliche/trope ridden it comes across like a joke/parody of such games. It's like those amateur games I demo'd on Likwid RPG Maker during 2003-2004.

Adolescent girl who's a hybrid of human and Esper? Terra.
Thief trying to atone for his shameful past with pretty girls? Locke.
Dark loner mercenary ninja? Literally named Shadow.

There's way too much in here that's overdone. Maybe a character or two fine...but literally the whole game is. I half expert Terra's twin sister Luna wanting to destroy all humans or a nihilist named Zero appearing. So I end up skipping or not caring about the comedy and story, and focus on the numbers.

When I think of a classic game, I think of something that is either fun or entertaining decades after its release. Tie Fighter, BG, FF1 and the original Pokemon games all fit this billing. I'm not sure FFVI really has any of those characteristics, although I'm not ready to pass final judgment yet.
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