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Originally Posted by Doppleganger View Post
Fuck this game.

FFVI is a miserable experience. I keep missing stuff in the guides despite CRAWLING EVERY INCH OF THIS GAME for hours and spending hours grinding. The story is nothing special. What matters is the power leveling and items and this game is stupid with how it hides things.

I feel like crying with how much I've missed already.
Have you considered that maybe JRPGS aren't for you?

More seriously though, if you're not enjoying it then maybe stop playing it? Just because it's widely popular doesn't mean you have to "get" it. I similarly can't stand FF7. The story and characters are what tends to be the big draw for people enjoying FF6, if you're not into them then that's ok but it's probably not the game for you. Like most FFs, its mechanics aren't is strongsuit.
Originally Posted by PTerry
What can the harvest hope for, if not the care of the reaper man?
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