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Stamina systems is a bad use to the term since it is often used to describe systems used to limit player progression in F2A mobile games, i.e. you can do 5 battles right now, then you have to wait 1 hour to get enough energy to do another battle.

I don't see why actions wouldn't need to build up from the first turn. You have to remember, these games don't have 'space' on the battlefield. So when you start the fight, your characters could technically be very far apart from their enemies, so the ATB build up is like everyone moving into position.

As for save points, you can save at any point in the over world, not in towns or dungeons. Inside a dungeon or town, it's only a quicksave that deletes itself when you load in.

Also it's confusing that you said FF3 when now we all know FF3 SNES is actually FF4.

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