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I'm very familiar with this system since it was in RPG Maker 2003, replacing the straight turn-based system of RPG Maker 2000. However, the implementation in FFIII combines the worst elements of it, for a couple reasons:

-stamina has to charge from THE FIRST TURN which makes no sense at all
-the ranbat encounter rate is about the same as FF1
-save points are in random locations and require upkeep to use

You may have noted from my earlier complaint about DKC2 that I felt the idea of having to pay for services early game was infuriating. The game is unnecessarily, artificially punishing earlier on by denying you basic menu functions, and by late game you are swimming in money so the payment is trivial and no different from the original. So why bother to make the game so hard in the beginning? Bad design philosophy.

FFIII is effectively this. I have to search for sleeping bags/tents and have no way to predict when a save point will appear, with few resources to survive combat. This means I have to worry about the boring gameplay against inorganic monsters which threatens to destroy my run, when I should be focusing on the story and characters. The game is on rails and is forcing me to do something I don't want to do.

What it feels to me is like one of those lesser hentai games like Koihime Musou, where the gameplay has the basic veneer of legitimacy to keep the game from being labeled a hentai visual novel.

I was going to say Eien no Aselia but Aselia's gameplay as actually fun, and surprisingly, the story is better than FFIII so far.

I'm not going to stop playing, a game this well acclaimed deserves a chance, but there's no way I'm going to excuse this oudated battle system, iconic or not. Square these days is usually portrayed as a dinosaur, exemplifying all the negative qualities of JRPGs versus BioWare or other western cRPGs.
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