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That's not called a stamina system, they called it the "Active Time Battle" or ATB. I don't know if FF3 has it, but I do know ATB games have a setting for "Active", where everything keeps happening as your run through the menus doing your turn, or "Wait", where everything pauses while you're going through the menus. Considering your complaints, you should probably set it to "Wait" if it's available.

Square basically tied combat to character speed stat in order to determine their number of actions. Rather than everyone getting an equal number actions, instead faster characters act more often rather than acting earlier in a turn. It's like going from D&D initiative and turns system to something closer to real time.

Typically this was balanced by the fact that slower characters had other stats that were higher to make up for their slow speed and low action rate. i.e. a Warrior could only take 1 action for every 3 a Thief could take, but the Warrior had higher damage per hit than a Thief and had more defense than the Thief.

Also, ATB is used from FF3 to like FFX-2 and it was pretty iconic for the Final Fantasy franchise. Even later games used similar systems like the Wii JRPG Xenoblade Chronicles and the Western RPG Pillars of Eternity, but they also add other strategic options to the gameplay like positioning and such.
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