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I can see why people like DKC2 though. It's a sequel in every way to the original - faster and more challenging. The environment is spooky and memorable. Unfortunately, it's very punishing early on, as early as Krem Cauldron world which has all those hazard pits.

I'm playing Donkey Kong Country III now and I can see why people hate it. Kiddy Kong is the least of the problems here (in fact, he's a buffed Donkey Kong) - the main issue is the bad level design and buggy programming, especially in K3, and the general unfun gameplay.

What I loved about the original is that bonus areas were optional, had fun games and were rewarding to discover. If you wanted to have a fast-paced romp through a level, you could.

DKC3 is the worst in this regard. Unlike Banana Coins, the Bear Coins are useless to collect. And the Banana Coins are required to beat the game at the end. I only know this because I read up on why I was collecting this coins with no place to redeem them. Lo, you can't beat the game without clearing every single bonus area in every single level, and the games are stupid, grind fests like "catch the green banana".

This kills pacing and is agonizing as you are forced to explore every inch of the level and go back to 100% clear the game.

The artwork is bizarre (for the worst) and while the bosses are at their best here, the jarring gameplay is frustrating. I don't even know where the game is set or why the Kongs are adventuring here. Something about a factory, a castle and a robot?
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