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Blue Reflection
Time: 17:54:50
Like Magical Girls and RPGs? Avoid this game! The MC was dour, bland, and totally NOT magical girl material. Same for the other two. Some of the friend characters were alright but thats sure not enough! This is not the magical colorful happy fun kind of magical girl story at all. An on the RPG side its more or less an Atelier game with even less budget than those got. Pretty much every story "dungeon" is harvest 4 or 5 random crafting materials with no relation to anything then a battle again generic baddies then a tiny bit of story or a new friend. Games super easy and as a saving grace has great battle themes. Go youtube those an let that be your only exposure to the game!

Final Fantasy VII
Time: 26:46:15
Played on the PS1 Classic with its super nice lightweight controller. Like its still crap they didn't include a Dualshock but the original is real good to me. Anyhow this was a nice relaxing playthrough where I tried out lotsa the status effect magics, didn't really skip optional stuff aside from Ft. Condor, and grinded like heck to get every to L3 Limits on Disc 1 lol.

Twisted Metal
Time: 00:24:25
What were Sony thinking including this over its infinitely better sequel??? This game doesn't control. It just doesn't! Even playing with invincibility cheats on didn't add any mindless fun. Games just dreadful.

Super Street Fighter IV
Time: 00:17:15
Randomly ran through arcade mode cheesing dumb AI left & right! Now thats some mindless fun that works! Game still looks nice an while I like SFVs menus for the most part, this one is sooooooo much more stylish!

Originally Posted by Doppleganger View Post
DKC2 is frustrating. I hate all the "timed" levels where you have to escape like a rising flood, and there's a ton of them in this.

The last one, "Toxic Castle" is extremely annoying.
DKC2 gets a ton of undeserved hype imo, unless the majority of players just hate platforming levels! Cause DKC2 ain't got many of those~ Gimmick levels? Animal friend levels? Yeah we got those. Some nice old fashioned left ro right platforming? Um... there's a few in there I guess! It also distinctly lacks the title character >_>
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