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- Demo'd!
Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn
This seems like a level of cute beyond the standard Kirby cute. But it also feels alil bit slower than others? An strange cause he can't fly. But also neat an prolly full of secrets cause of the whole pulling the levels together/apart aspect. This is on I oughta pick up at some point!

- Beat!
Time: 85:30:59
Extra thorough playthrough edition via the latest (final?) fan translation patch. Still enjoy this game an having the story in 99.9% english (an untranslated or bugged out line or two are still in there) finally proves the games story/characters is legit good and still forever better than G.U. stuff!

Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch
Time: 43:01:42
Playing this after DQ11 just goes ta show that this gens not really especially above last-gen in terms of looks cause this was a really good looking game! And its an HD rpg with an actual overworld an different modes of travel?! Wow! The main character being a wizards pretty different. Magic over Melee is uncommon! Familiars are where melee come in, though some of them are for magic too. Because I adore monster collecting I caught/evolved 89% of 'em! Also did all side content to, an wow this game did that right as well! Its got a "side content meta" in which you get some pretty cool bonus rewards just for doing certain amounts of side stuff! More rpgs should do that. Story was good, world was interesting, music good, and battles... abit hard to grasp at first! But I got it in the end ^.^
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