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Yep, I just got one of 2017's best games in late 2018. Please look forward to my RDR2 review sometime in 2027.

Warframe: Fortuna Update: No War But Class War
  • The news is so depressing these days. Let me kick back and relax with a Warframe update about helping free the beaten-down working class of Fortuna from the usurious debt fostered upon them by their Prosperity Gospel-spouting overlord

  • Friendship ended with Hok, now Zuud is my best friend

  • For this new open world area, they introduced hoverboards K-Drives, which you can do sick ollies on to earn standing with a faction of cockney-spouting orphans

  • I am also bad at skateboarding games:

  • This is Warframe's second open-world update, and while it definitely shows some of the lessons learned from the first (Plains of Eidolon), I still kind of feel the same way about it that I do about Plains and the various open world zones in Destiny: why? Everything surrounding it (the new factions/toys/fucking MOA pets fuck yes, etc.) is cool, but the zones themselves sit in this weird chasm between MMOs and single-player open world games: they're not large enough or populated by enough players to achieve novelty of the spectacle, and the zones themselves aren't alive or diverse enough to spend time in for their own sake.


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Puyo Puyo Tetris: purchased this today, making it my first game for the Switch console I still don't own yet. ^^;
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