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King Ghidorah- You release your Houndoom from its Pokeball, the Fire type would have no problem creating a couple of torches for you to use and would certainly come in handy should you come up against any wild Pokemon. Archie watches patiently, his eyes transfixed on the Houndoom. A quick Fire Fang is all that is needed to ignite the couple of branches you gather and before you know it you have a pair of crackling torches. Handing one to Archie, the young Sirunsan boy thanks you before presenting his idea.

"The Sawsbuck tend to reside a bit deeper in the Wrath. They often shed their horns while rutting, it'll be much easier to recover some shed horns rather than remove them from a live Sawsbuck. They trouble will be finding them under the snow. Shiny Spinarak tend to weave their webs in the branches of the white trees, however the white trees a few and far between, their exact location has pretty much proved impossible to lock down. We can start with either one, the choice is yours, perhaps some of your Pokemon's skills will aid us in finding what we need." Archie pulls his cloak tighter around him. "You should know that the deeper we go into the Wrath, the more powerful the Bittercold will grow. There may even be a point when your Fire typed Houndoom struggles to survive. I'd advise you think carefully before using another Pokemon, you only get to use two after all." Archie made an excellent point, being limited to two Pokemon certainly made things more difficult....

Maskerade- Rushing into the village, you announce yourself to everyone, their hero was finally here! The Sirunsan all look at you strangely, staring for a moment before returning to there work. This was far from a hero's welcome. You look around, waiting for someone to come up and praise you, or at least point you in the direction of the problem, but it doesn't seem like anyone is interested in you. That is until a large, brute of a man, stomps out from a building, ducking to prevent taking his own head off. He stomps a few metres away from you, he glares down at you like he would his breakfast. He booms something in his native tongue, it makes no sense to you, complete nonsense. However a small boy, roughly the same size as you, steps out from behind the Goliath.

"He said small children shouldn't play out here, it is dangerous. Return to your parents before he forces you to." The boy's English is rough and he often stumbles, but he gives a pretty good translation. The towering figure waits a moment for your reply. Would he physically force you to leave the village or would he have a Pokemon do it for him? Either way it seemed you weren't welcome here.

"Challenge him to a battle", the kid whispers. "It is our custom, fight bravely and you'll be welcomed into the village." The giant of a man glares down at the boy, he couldn't understand what he was saying but he didn't like the idea of him giving you advice.

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