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Came down with a cold, so time to curl up with another loot shooter:

Destiny 2: Forsaken Dev Tools (how can I know how full my sock is of poop if there's no /played Bungo)
  • Oh no, the zany comedy relief robot (no, not that one, the other one) is dead, and all your space boss wants to do is stay home and jack it to Infrastructure Week! Guess you'll have to take it upon yourself to travel to far off vistas and pry shiny new guns from the hands of his killers!

  • What follows is a No More Heroes-esque series of boss missions where you run a pre-boss fight gauntlet that plays to their individual quirks (e.g. the Mad Bomber requires you to disarm several bombs by holding a zone while waves spawn on top of you) before finally throwing down with the bosses themselves. There's a decent amount of variety to the fights, though some stick the landing better than others: the Rider in particular is a vehicle fight that runs up against the fact that Bungie's vehicle AI is complete ass, so it's mostly an overglorified turkey shoot.

  • Weapon restrictions got overhauled, thank fuck. Bungie decided that "two shitty rifles and an actual Fun Weapon you will never have ammo for" was boring as shit, and so most weapon types can now go in either of your primary weapon slots (BFGs like Rocket Launchers are still restricted to the Power slot, but that's fine since they're no longer fighting with Shotguns and Sniper Rifles for that precious spot). More powerful weapons have relatively rarer ammo, but there are ways to mitigate that and the end result is that fights are faster paced since you can bring out heavier weapons more often for the bigger targets.

  • Because of this, PVP is no longer exclusively a mid-long range poke fight with Scout Rifles, which played like "Overwatch, but everyone is Widowmaker and they have downs". I would still recommend pretty much any other straight PVP shooter on the market that doesn't require you to grind shit for 20 hours before you can stand on even footing, but I can now do my PVP dailies and not feel like I'm having to drag myself over broken glass to complete them.

    On the other hand, Gambit (a hybrid PVE-PVP mode where two teams rush to summon and defeat a boss, with periodic invasions from a member of the opposite team to throw a spanner in the works ala Soulsbourne) feels like it plays much better to the game's mechanics and strengths as an ARPG-shooter hybrid. It's early so people are still trying to find out the optimal strats (though people seem to have settled on the best guns), but I'm enjoying the mode more than I expected.

  • There's two ways to make an ARPG loot pool work: throw so much shit out there that you're never short of things to grind for (Warframe) or have some RNG on individual items so that people have an incentive to chase good rolls (Diablo and its ilk). Release Destiny 2 tried to do neither by having a relatively small loot pool with fixed rolls, and if you realized this would land like a wet fart you're smarter than most of Bungie's designers.

    So random rolls are (back) in: guns get a selection of parts and quirks, and armor is now about more than whatever makes you feel prettiest. This puts some actual joy back into finding loot (one of OG Destiny 2's cardinal sins) because while you're going to see a lot of Duke Mk. 44's, at least they give you more to think about beyond "which one of these do I disenchant first?"

    Also I got an Assault Rifle that refills the magazine as you get headshots, with a second quirk that reduces the recoil so that I can keep a constant stream of lead pouring onto the enemy's face like the world's angriest golden shower, so that's fun.
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