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As we await possible word on the Switch title, some things to remember from Game Informer's interview with Masuda and Ohmori last year:
  • when asked if the Switch title will be "a console-scale Pokémon adventure", they indicate that it will be
  • when asked if the Switch title will take place in "a large, open-ish world", they indicate that it will
  • when asked if the game will provide "40+ hours" of gameplay, Masuda says he's not sure about 40 ...
So even if it's a game of traditional length (~35 hours) or slightly shorter, according to their OWN words it ought to be both console-appropriate to the Switch and a large, open-ish world.

... So if it's neither of these things and tonight's news reveals we're really getting Let's Go Pikachu & Eevee with 3DS-grade graphics on the Switch, then ... ^^;
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