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Oh for the love of god...

Ok, due to the beautiful graphics im anticipating, I will NOT boycott this, but...

Do we SERIOUSLY need a Kanto remake?

I mean....really!?

These games had their Red/Green launch, a special Blue game with sexier graphics for the time, the Yellow version based on the show, then FIRE Red and LEAF Green years later...

I mean... seriously...

I wanted to see a new region! There are so many possibilities! India, China, Germany, Spain, Brazil, etc....

Kanto has been done to death.

Nostalgia, and it's annoying, as EVERYONE who was alive in 1999 and was five or older had at least HEARD of Pokemon, and been aware of Pikachu, for example.

So now, along with the done to death English first opening, first Pokerap, Misty nostalgia... we are having Kanto.

Who knows? Maybe it will be a sequel that takes place in Kanto. Not that we didnt' have that with Johto in the post-game..

However rumors are suggesting that it's a Yellow remake.

My god. How lazy is this? Even if Nintendo is playing it safe with a tried and true generation, how many times can you order the same meal and expect to enjoy it?

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