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Originally Posted by deoxys View Post
My favorite song is Storytime. It's so... epic?
The very first few seconds of that track remind me of Unsolved Mysteries (0m10s onward). But then it gets, uh, too heavy for my tastes. ^^; Once the singing begins, it lightens up a little? But those occasional bursts, *BLAM! BLAM! BLAM!* explosions of noise, that arrive out of nowhere are a little deafening. The chorus melody (first heard at ~1m00s) is nice. Catchy. Kind of pop-py, actually. It's like someone took pop and mixed it with quasi-metal to get this song. The lyrics seem like someone inhaled a vat's worth of vaporized LSD, though. ^^;

Pretty sure I own a CD by Nightwish. *gets up to go look* *gets back as song finishes* Yep, I sure do. "Once," it's called. *turns it over* Looks like it has thirteen tracks.

*gets up to put it away and see what else he has* Well, would you look at that!? I've got a second CD by them, too! This one looks like it's called "Dark Passion Play" and it too looks like it's got thirteen tracks.

Does this mean that, despite my criticisms of your beloved song's noisiness, I get musical street credit with you now, Deo?

deoxys: We are like brothers.

EDIT: While we're on the topic of kinda noisy pop-metal, "Ice Queen" by Within Temptation is one of the few songs I know. Someone used it in one of my favorite AMVs and, as a result, I fell in love with the song. No idea who the band is or whether they're lol-reviled or omg-celebrated amongst people with your musical tastes, Deo, but there you have it.

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