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Woo I had a weird one.

I was part of some deployment squad and we had to jump off a cliff, collapse through a layer of earth and splash down on the water beneath. I did so successfully only when following a hole made by Gandalf. I don't know why I couldn't bore through on my own.

Kiva from Megas XLR was part of my squad, Chris Pine (as Captain Kirk) was on it too and they were in some relationship? Kiva was green like the woman from Guardians of the Galaxy (so I think the dream confused Chris Pine with Chris Pratt). Pine managed to dive down what looked like a sewer chute from a bus with a bathroom, with electrical wire, as a way of short cutting our inability to penetrate the floating island layer from earlier.

Kiva is taken aside and there's a flashback between her and the commanding officers, where a previous squad is totally dead, and Kiva is one of them. A bolt of lightning sounds and Kiva rises. It turns out, she's a zombie.

The command says that they allowed her to remain with the squad "with respect to her prior abilities" but she's the weakest team member and is holding everyone, especially Pine, back. I thought this was totally shocking so I logged on to UPN and posted in the "Movies you've recently seen" thread that I dropped Megas XLR years ago and somehow was not spoiled that Kiva was a zombie the whole time.

Kiva was looking for answers on her origin and was directed to go seek "who reanimated her", which given it was a bolt of lightning meant the location: Justice Alley, originally Crime Alley where Batman's parents were murdered.

I immediately jumped to the conclusion that Kiva was probably reanimated due to Batman's prayers on the anniversary of his parents death, seeking justice. But Kiva's squad was wiped out on the opposite side of the street from where the Waynes were murdered, so I followed her down the road.

We passed by a bulldozed homeless center/orphanage that featured in one of my nightmares that I don't remember too well. I recall seeing it in dream but have no access to that information right now while awake.

Uh, then I woke up. Cheesy!
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