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Had a dream last night where we had a swarm of linked bots, some ten to fifteen of them, all viewing the Anime forum's Suggestion Box thread all at the same time. Alongside them was a username with a dark purple color. It belonged to someone who had just signed up. Yuki felt sorry for them, that they were caught in the middle of a bot swarm and might be mistaken for a bot themselves.

I then backed out to the main forum index and saw that we had three or five new forums ... including two "admin-level" forums at the top of the page. Most of them were created by the colorless bots, but one of the admin-level forums was created by none other than this purple-name-colored user.

A few minutes later, the forum is overrun with bots creating garbage forums. The main index must have showed at least thirty to thirty-five of them. They were all for topics that you'd expect a newbie to make a thread for in Misc when they first sign up and they want to make a lasting contribution to their new community but they're trying too hard and the thread idea isn't very good. And none of them would make for good forums.

It became clear that the purple-name-colored bot, if not along with a couple of others, had somehow managed to not only register an account but to get inside the Control Panel and give itself admin powers. It had then gone to town hijacking our forum to turn it into a piece-of-shit adware-esque forum overrun with garbage, bot-made threads.
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