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I'm not going to be able to manage to attend Ft. Wayne, sadly. Lots of different reasons, only one of which is that I still have yet to capture a single Tapu or Ultra Beast and that I still have yet to level to Level 50 anything I've hatched and EV trained. So ... it's looking like the rather far-away Memphis and St. Louis locations will be the two closest ones I can have any remotely realistic expectation of attending. Really, really hate that Indiana's tournament is held in the early fall every year, but meh, it is what it is. And besides: if late 2016 + early 2017 had been a different year for me, I probably would have been knee-deep in VGC 2017 and wouldn't mind it all that much that I get to lazily recycle my VGC 2017 team for a nearby Regionals. Perhaps I can have the same hope for VGC 2018, assuming it's a good format.

Not sure what their excuse is for not having an event within 30 minutes' driving distance of downtown Chicago, though. Nor why they apparently can't be bothered to have one in or around New York City. Hartford is 2.75 hours from NYC, while Ft. Wayne is Chicago's closest option at 3.2 hours. Seems strange. LA gets Costa Mesa (~1 hr away), but the two larger cities get nothing that near.
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