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Originally Posted by Charminions View Post
Did pretty well in 2015 as far as resolutions go. Mental health and other problems, however, have been a whole different issue. I fell in love with Psychology this year and decided I'll pursue a career out of that. Also got a part-time job that funded my first tattoo and I've already got plans for a second one. My fitness level has been relatively the same, which isn't bad at all, but I could always improve upon what I already worked for.

For 2016:
- Improve my GPA even more
- Get more tattoos
- Get a car
- Improve physical health/get more fit
- Improve mental health
- Get a fucking girlfriend
- Swing around with women like a monkey at a jungle gym
Almost forgot to do this! Managed a 3.9 GPA this past semester. Didn't get any new tattoos in 2016 but I have an appointment to get the first quarter of my eventual sleeve done later this month. Still don't have a car. Had a cyst in my leg removed last summer and so I was finally able to push myself harder at the gym again and I've made some noticeable improvements in that regard. My mental health has been a roller coaster in the past year but with the help of a therapist and my own knowledge of psychology I've started to see improvements in that in recent months. I've been in a relationship for over a month now and that's been pretty great. Very solid year for me.

For 2017:
- Improve GPA/prepare for grad school
- Get more tattoos
- Get a car
- Get more physically fit
- Improve mental health
- Save as much money as possible
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