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Originally Posted by Apollo77 View Post
K let's see how I did with these

As for this year, gonna try and make things more specific so I can stick to them.

-Work out more and put on more muscle (Aiming for 170 lbs) This absolutely did not happen, I've been very stagnant in terms of my weight and I'm blaming my metabolism. I'm gonna have to put off any sort of bulking up related goals until it slows down.
-Write at least 2 songs While I haven't made any finished products, I have actually written 2-3 songs that I'm hoping to record into actual tracks soon!
-Enjoy the rest of my senior year and keep in touch with my high school friends after I graduate Things got a hell of a lot better as we neared graduation, so I'm gonna call this a win. I've also kept in contact with several of my high school friends and hope to see a few over break.
-Start college off right (Get involved and be social) HELL YEAH COLLEGE seriously I'm having a blast because a cappella is amazing and I have a social life
-Practice driving enough for my parents to let me drive on my own Mission accomplished! Was able to drive back and forth to work by myself all summer
-Maybe get a boyfriend/girlfriend Didn't expect this to happen anyway haha, but hey at least I'm sure of what I'm looking for now.
And how about this years'?

-Record 3-4 songs into finished tracks
-Continue to be social in college and join another student organization
-Spend a bit more time practicing piano (which is kinda hard at school without a piano readily available)
-Get a job on campus OR pick up more hours this summer so I don't run out of money lol

And finally, the big challenge:
-Come out to either my family or my friends

Happy New Year y'all, let's make 2017 a good one.
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