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Alright guys, thanks for being patient. Here's some updates, fresh off the press!

It was a bright and sunny day in the Rose Garden, where all of the flowers were healthy and showing off their exquisite colors. All except for one. Spotting the frail and defenseless Budew sapling withering beneath the blanket of Sunfloras that were hogging up all of the sunlight and nutrients, Lucas took pity and sprang into action. He knelt down next to the little sprout, to appear less imposing on its level and offered to find a better location for it and maybe even some water to make it feel better.

What Lucas didn’t realize was that by getting close to the Budew, he was also getting close to a few of the Sunkern saplings. As he did so, a few of the nearest Sunflora averted their gaze from the sunlight above and stared down at him. They didn’t too pleased to say the least. The largest Sunflora of the bunch swished its leafy arm and fired a warning shot at Lucas; a Razor Leaf that intentionally missed him and stuck out of the gravel-covered walking path like a ninja throwing star.

Tending to Budew’s needs might be trickier than Lucas initially thought. For now, it seemed like the Sunfloras were very protective of their saplings, and Budew was included in that bunch for some reason. Budew looked up at Lucas nervously, shaking in its roots while the Sunfloras got in a defensive stance. Lucas might try to negotiate with the Sunflora, but they might not be willing to listen to reason right now. Alternatively, it might be worthwhile to investigate other parts of the garden and find out why Budew is there to begin with.

Having seen Munna’s nightmarish vision of a distraught friend who was missing their wooden stick, ABL roused from her nap with a newfound resolve to help. She commended Munna on her loyalty to her friend and offered to carry the sticks they find for her. Munna let out a relieved sigh before bouncing up and down, overjoyed. “Muu! Muu!” she called out as ABL asked her to take them to her friend.

With that, the excited little tapir darted off down the hill, leaving ABL and Daffodil to hurry after her. It wasn’t until it got to the top of the next hill over that it realized it was leaving its benefactors behind and slowed down a bit. Letting ABL and Daffodil catch their breaths, Munna continued forward. The three of them walked for about half a mile before they approached another hill with a tree on it.

Making it to the top of the hill, ABL could see that there was already an assembled bundle of similar-looking sticks, but it was in complete disarray. Munna sadly pointed to the empty tree, indicating from the dream she showed ABL that the friend had wandered off somewhere. Looking around, Daffodil was sniffing at some sticks that were further away from the rest of the bundle, as if they had been dragged away from the pile. It’s very likely that the friend had pulled them away from the bundle but then discarded them before wandering off. The clutter of sticks seem to be pointing in a general direction toward the north, but die off at the end of the hill. Up ahead on the horizon is a larger cluster of trees, possibly the edge of the Cloud Forest. What will ABL do?

Watching the two cub Pokemon battle it out with her Mio and Kei, Patches was torn. She had hoped for a peaceful mediation, but things don’t always go that smoothly. She watched as Mio duked it out with the feisty little Pancham while Kei reluctantly held his ground against the panicked Stufful.

Mio frowned at the Pancham bully was unrelenting in its stance that fighting was better than talking. She let out a fierce Growl, or as fierce as a Pikachu can get, while the Pancham Leered back in defiance, his icy glare matching Mio’s battle cry. Mio then charged into battle, her paw crackling with electricity as she threw a Thunder Punch at Pancham’s face. It was a clean hit, and the small panda winced as it connected, but it did not deter him from countering the hit with four quick Arm Thrusts to Mio’s side. As the two Pokemon squared off, they both panted, trying to catch their breaths. Mio continued her stance that Pancham needs to Play Nice, and the Pancham grit his teeth as his motivation faltered just a little bit. He wasn’t ready to give up just yet, however.

Meanwhile, Kei stared at the Stufful, both of them seemingly in tears as they squared off begrudgingly. Kei preferred to not fight the battered Stufful who in return was only trying to defend itself. The Stufful Leered at Kei to show that it wouldn’t back down, and then it began to Bide its time, waiting for Kei to attack it. However, that attack didn’t come as Kei stood there in an attempt to show his sincerity. Seeing its chance, Stufful switched from fight to flight mode and took off down the hill and toward a small cluster of trees.

Patches faced a decision now. She could either chase after the Stufful, but that might leave Mio in a pinch as the Pancham was preparing itself to unleash two more sets of Arm Thrusts. On the other hand, she could try to finish things off here quickly and then hope to find the Stufful afterward.

As Hiero strolled through the Cloud Forest, the weather was so nice that he felt inclined to share it with one of his newest additions, Tomoko the Mareanie. A little bit out of her element, Tomoko smiled anyway as Hiero presented his crown of thorns starfish with a hearty snack consisting of candies and chocolates. Tomoko gladly chowed down, feeling much stronger as a result. It wasn’t until then that the two heard a scratching noise in the forest nearby.

Deciding to go check it out, the two came across a Heracross that was feeding on some tree sap. Seeing the situation as the perfect opportunity to get Tomoko some battle experience, Hiero quickly made some battle preparations and whispered some commands to his Pokemon. Tomoko started things off by shooting a layer of Toxic Spikes on the ground underneath where the Heracross was feeding. Hiero then pulled out a small Bunny Suit and places it on Tomoko in such a way that her legs stick out of it without being obstructed.

Channeling her inner rabbit, Tomoko springs into action by pushing off the ground with her many legs and bounces high into the air before slamming into Heracross with a Peck from the spike on top of her head. The blow certainly caught Heracross off guard, who fell off the tree and onto the Toxic Spikes below, just as planned. The poison seemed to take effect as the Heracross let out a pained and angry cry. However, Heracross’ Gutsy resolve refused to back down as it pumped itself up with adrenaline.

Heracross turned to face Tomoko, ramming her with a powerful Horn Attack to show off its Guts before Leering at her with an icy glare that sent shivers down her spine, if she had one. Tomoko winced, but she retaliated with a Merciless Peck that knocked the Heracross backwards. Preparing its next move, Heracross’ wing flaps on its back loosened as it prepared to use Aerial Ace, followed by another Horn Attack. Both Pokemon were in prime situations to deal some hard damage to their opposition but take a lot of damage in return. This might be a fight to see who’s defenses give out first.
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