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Originally Posted by Lindz View Post

Turns out the Shenmue Collection was being worked on for roughly 3 years but over 2 of those years were spent actually remastering the graphics. That version was canned late last year, and the rushed barebones bugged out ports we got were actually rushed as they were worked on for 9 months at best? wtf Sega. This genuinely updated version surely wouldn't have made it out this year but hey, who said it had to? Did they really want/need to have these release before 3? Next years the 20th anniversary for Shenmue and if they coulda got this out sometime before or after 3, that woulda been super great!
I feel sorry for the developers who worked on the scrapped project. All that hard work for nothing, and it would have come with so much praise and gratitude, too. (The only problem I kept seeing with the unreleased footage was that it was too bright, indeed altering the mood of certain scenes just as the video narrator presumed it might.)

In brighter news, the crappy port of I and II has had its new players -- and with them, new fans! Courtesy of Shenmue Dojo, I just discovered RetroSensei's review of the games. Never heard of RetroSensei before, but he tells us right from the get-go that he's heard of Shenmue before but had never had the chance to play it until the re-release came out. He's played both games now, and ...
"The tale told in #Shenmue is out of this world. Each game feels like an episode in a serial, and the storyline rivals any classic RPG you might come across."

"If you’re a fan of Asian culture, or games with great storytelling, this collection is a must-have."
Nice! And of course accurate.

A different, older fan has this to say, though:
"When Shenmue came out I was much younger then Ryo. By the time Shenmue 3 comes out I will be older then Lan Di. I dont know why but that is really messing with me lol."
hahahahaha , wow. Lan Di was born on August 13, 1955, and was 31 years old when Shenmue takes place in the late winter / early spring of 1987. Ryo was born on November 29, 1968 (!!!) and would have been 18 years old in early '87. So yeah, if you were 17 in 1999, you would be 36 today. You could have been as young as 13 in 1999 and still be 32 today. Younger than Ryo when Shenmue came out, yet older than Lan Di now. Man, that's crazy. Crazier still is that I fit this bill myself. Older than 31 today, younger than 18 in 1999. Never really noticed this before. I still relate 100% to Ryo. Crazy to think I'm now older than Lan Di is.

But yeah, no, we gotta circle back around to that "!!!"-marked bit. Is Ryo really a '60s baby!? I guess I never really thought about it before ... I mean, sure, every Shenmue fan knows the game takes place in 1987, and of course he's not a baby in those games ... But still! I never really thought about how this would have meant he was born not in the '80s, not even in the '70s, but in the '60s. Man. If Ryo were real and alive today, he'd be 49 years old and turning 50 next month. Geez louise.
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