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Went ahead and upgraded my donation. It was already considerable, but it's been three years since Summer 2015 and I figured I could afford to spare some extra change if it meant a) more memorabilia and b) more money to finance the production of the best possible finished product. The deadline for doing so is in ... about five hours, I think. ^^; So I cut it pretty close.

They finally asked me to confirm which version of the game I wanted between four eligible choices: digital PS4, digital Steam, physical PS4, or physical Steam. I opted for physical Steam; while I'm disappointed it'll be a Steam-based download like most modern PC games instead of being fully loaded on the DVD like older PC games were, I both understand and would still prefer to have the physical bookcase. I don't know much about how Shenmue III has been coded, but I'm optimistic that Steam or no Steam we'll still be able to customize and homebrew things on PC that wouldn't be possible or permitted on PS4. Example 1: changing characters' faces. Example 2: changing characters' costumes. We'll see. Even if it isn't possible, I'd still rather have it for PC and Steam. Steam's not going anywhere any time soon, whereas the PS4 is already on its last legs. It will be 5ľ years old by the time Shenmue III releases!

Speaking of which, we got a release date: August 27th, 2019! That's only one year away from the writing of this post. I'm pretty satisfied with that, too. One year means at least a couple of months(?) to put the last-minute finances to good use for coding a few Kickstarter stretch goals we hadn't originally managed to reach but now can, and then six to nine months or so of post-production where they're printing the boxes and Kickstarter bling, working with advertisers to promote the game, and generally getting ready for launch. It also means that it will have been a little over 4 years between when the game was first announced at E3 2015 and when the street date hits. That sounds about right for a major studio project, even if this is an amateur project and in various respects might not live up to the exacting expectations of modern-day gamers. I don't know that an extra year or two in development would have much helped Shenmue III at this point -- either it's going to be good or it's going to be bad. Let's go ahead and get it out, and if it's good then let's go ahead and turn our sights to Shenmue IV and the next 4-to-5-year development cycle.

The newest trailer is right here. I think it looks pretty darn great. Some faces like Shenhua's I don't think look right. Other faces like Ryo's look fine. And other faces like Lan Di's look very good, even if still different from the DreamCast version. Backgrounds look really impressive; the lighting doesn't quite look natural (looks really really glisteny and shiny), but at the same time it also does look pretty darn natural and regardless looks very pretty. Japanese voice acting (at least Shenhua's!) is top notch. Some of the human body motions look a little unnatural or jerky. But as is typical of a Shenmue game, the attention to minor visual details is astounding in rooms and buildings. Just look at the interior of that room at 0m25s, for example! The wall scrolls, the folding screens, the carpet, the lanterns. The soundtrack in this trailer is the thing that has me most excited -- a Shenmue song I've never heard before, and it's every bit as majestic as all that's come before. Very excited to listen to the entire soundtrack!
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