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Kid Nocon hired on as part of the Shenmue III development team.

Kid Nocon is a Shenmue fan from South Korea who who remade portions of Shenmue 1 in the Unreal Engine 3 and 4 graphics engines. Two and a half months ago, amidst the fervor of the Shenmue III kickstarter, Kid uploaded his video of the re-rendered Hazuki Dojo in UE4 to YouTube. It caught the attention of many fans and led many to openly wonder if he might not be able to get a job working on either 1) a Shenmue 1&2 HD port or else 2) Shenmue 3 itself.

Well, wonder no more: the Shenmue III team's seen fit to publicly announce that Kid Nocon has been hired. And according to the tweet, he'll be working on Shenmue 3.

I like his work. And I'm very happy for him. I think some of his textures look a little too plasticky -- for example, the wood looks like it's been caked in gallons of lacquer -- but that's what working on a team is all about -- smoothing out one another's deficiencies and bringing the full force of your individual strengths to the table. For the most part, I've been hugely impressed by what I've seen of Kid's work and I think it was a smart decision to hire such a passionate and capable fan onto the project.
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