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Originally Posted by Talon87 View Post
There is a very simple solution:

You don't worry about anything until either a) a Trubbish appears or b) you have a new slot open.

I think you're worrying yourself sick over this whole dream team idea and you've really no reason to. If you've already established that Trubbish is your next must-have Pokémon, and if you've already established that short of a miracle you won't be unlocking a new slot on your team any sooner than the end of this calendar year, you've absolutely no reason to worry yourself about anything anyone else may hatch, catch, breed, or otherwise obtain. There's just no point in it. Why? Because!
  1. If you should find Trubbish before unlocking the new slot, you'd be releasing your least favorite / least invested in Pokemon ANYWAY. And your least invested in Pokemon is almost GUARANTEED to be anything you just recently acquired. (See: your story with the past two to three Pokemon you've traded for and then given away. THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED. ^^; They were on the bottom rung of the ladder and they each got the boot when something better happened along.)
  2. If you should find Trubbish after unlocking the new slot, then great: assuming it's empty (though knowing you it probably won't be ^^; ) you can plunk him down in there, nice and cozy, and at THAT time you can worry about how you're going to make space for who to get next.
EITHER WAY, worrying about this now isn't doing you any good. You haven't the space. That is a hard, cold fact. So without the space, there's really no reason to be worrying about acquiring 2+ Pokemon at a time. And you're already doing that, even now, with your desire to get both Meowth and Trubbish on the team ASAP. The math just doesn't work out right unfortunately. ^^; You can't have both Meowth and Trubbish when you unlock your next slot. Not without kicking somebody off the squad. So pick one for now, work towards getting them, and worry about the other one later.

Disclaimer because "tone doesn't come out well on the Internet": giving this as friendly, calm advice. I do worry that you're stressing yourself out much too much over your team situation. After what's happened earlier tonight, I wouldn't have posted this unless I felt there was even a 1% chance of it getting through to you and helping you enjoy the next 3 months in peace.
Yeah, you're right. I'm worrying about this way too much, considering I have no space and there's no Trubbish that requires any sort of immediate attention. And I dunno, maybe Meowth really is just a whim, and I'm just a little confused about it from the higher-than-average volume of whimages I was subjected to, not to mention the fact that Team Rocket's Meowth is just plain awesome. Either way, Trubbish is still a higher priority than Meowth, so yeah. Thanks. I needed this.
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