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Seriously Hana this was such a cool idea. This needs to happen every year. And Easter. And Halloween.

There’s no way I could pick favourites, every single one made me smile in one way or another – some were beautiful and creative and others were really funny. I’m not as much of a reader as I used to be, but I liked Jeri’s short story and found it very captivating. Artwise, there’s so many talented artists to single anyone out; I agree with Kuno though and think Speevy and SS should draw more often, it goes without saying they’re both really great digital artists. I didn’t even know Speevey was into art until today xd

Other mentions: I loved both of Hana’s, but the Octillery/Octagonus fusion one was especially amazing. I’d feel really special if someone painted me that. Yuki’s was breathtaking and brought me back to the old-school Scooby days. Once again Copy’s expressions didn’t fail to make me lol. Loki has gotten really good with his tablet and I loved the video. PH’s was adorable.

Ramone: Pretty sure you just picked favourites, bro
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