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Originally Posted by Meetan View Post
Although I haven't posted it yet bc I'm a lazy twit, I am a fan of the orchard shop in the dev area. This is relevant to my question, which is: as an avid obsesser of the Love Ball aesthetic, do we have a system for apricorn conversions at the moment, or are you all neglecting me and ruining my life I mean---???
There is currently no plan to have any shop provide apricorn conversion (same goes for shards and shoal salts/shells). So far ,we consider it unnecessary to have such a conversion mechanic in place outside of zones when the end product can just as well be rewarded to a player straight away instead.

That said, zones are free reign in that regard. Apricorn-based Pokéballs are allowed to be given out as zone rewards. Apricorns themselves may also be given out in zones, to be converted to Pokéballs in-zone as well.
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