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Sandaa- With your plan working out nowhere near how you had intend, you are left with no other option but to recall Scurvy. The Aipom would certainly be a 'Salty Seadog', when he woke up, but he had done an alright job anyway. A red beam of light retrieves the slumbering simian, replacing his premierball you retrieve Espy's psychicball and toss it into in front of yourself. The Espeon had only been in the ball for a short time, he knew the situation was serious. The Poliwrath flexed its muscles as it eyed off its new opponent, this would be a bit tougher for it.

"Really? Relying on a type advantage? Just when I was starting to think I was up against someone with an ounce of skill." The admin chuckled, but then Espy got to work. He quickly batted his eyes at the Poliwrath, catching the bulky fighting type off guard. That surely lowered the boxer's attack, somewhat diminishing his prior gains and evening out the playing field. The admin reacted quickly to the ploy though, he wasn't going to let this devolve into a statfest."Spread a Mist out Poliwrath, let's not let them take all of our gains away. Then give it a Bubblebeam as you close in for a Body Slam."

The admin was clearly a strategist, he was quick to analyze your strategy and counter it. The Poliwrath exhaled a thick mist, filling the street and somewhat obscuring your vision. The Druddigon and Mightyena faded from sight, you could still hear the occasional yelp, howl and roar as they continued to fight. Espy could still see the Poliwrath, it was likely easier for him with his great vision, while also likely aided by his psychic senses. His gem let out a blinding flash as he tried to lower the Poliwrath's accuracy, however the mist seemed to prevent the light from penetrating. Suddenly a torrent of bubbles came shooting towards him, they hit him at first before he jumps backwards, almost slipping on the soapy residue as he lands. Espy can sense his opponent getting closer, he calms his mind, heightening his sense of awareness, as well as his special attack and defense. You catch sight of the Poliwrath's bulking blue body as he soars through the air. Espy knows it is coming and attempts a sidestep. Unfortunately the soapy residue beneath his feet causes him to slip, leaving him helpless as the Poliwrath comes crashing down, pinning the helpless Psychic type. Espy cried out in pain, while unable to get free he at least wasn't paralyzed.

"Excellent Poliwrath", exclaimed the admin, for some reason you could still see the sly smirk on his smug face."Follow up with a Seismic Toss, then Double Slap it silly."
Gary’s opponent was a dangerous man who shouldn’t be taken lightly, and Gary was taking the battle seriously like he would any opponent no matter who it was. However, he couldn’t help but burst out laughing at the admin’s comments during the in-battle banter. “Hahaha! You’re joking, right?” He put his hands on his knees before holding up a hand apologetically. “This guy sends out a Poliwrath against my Aipom and has the nerve to complain about me switching into a type advantage,” he mused to himself out loud.

Meanwhile, Espy had his paws full with the Poliwrath, but things were going more or less as Gary expected them to. He had all the confidence in the world in his Espeon, after all. “Whew, excuse me,” Gary said, catching his breath. “Okay Espy, let’s show them how a type advantage works. When Poliwrath comes at you, keep your distance and catch him with a Psychic before he can reach you. When it makes its second attempt on you, blast it back with a Psybeam! Once it’s done coming at you, Calm your Mind again!”

Espy quietly nodded and swished his forked tail back and forth. His eyes never left his target, maintaining his full focus while the gem on his forehead picked up movements in the air current. While he was unable to physically see what was going on beyond the Mist, his gem was detecting all kinds of movements from the Druddigon and Mightyenas. However, that wasn’t important at the moment, so Espy blocked them out of his mind as he prepared to hold off the Poliwrath’s incoming attacks.
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