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Originally Posted by Raves View Post
Crimson Sanctum.

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: The danger of discovery at hand, you opt to grab some form of disguise to blend in with the Shells, while Silas stands ready to defend you should things go south. Pinning the bullet to your breast and throwing the hat on your head, you inwardly hope that the plan works as the footsteps reach the corner and something steps round.

The something just so happens to indeed be a pair of Shells, who look at you quizzically, the awkward pause broken as you take what chance you have to give them a casual nod.

"Never seen you before," one of the spits, while the other nudges them in the side.

"They must be one of his lads. You know what sort of **** they get up to, having to ditch their pins to evade the fuzz. Look, even has the dark type they're expected to have."

"Hrmph. Whatever, just get your arse out of here back up to barracks before Chief starts asking what's keeping you." With that, the pair continue past you, clearly on patrol. Once out of sight, Silas lets down his guard, your deception successful for now. Retracing your steps, you decide to consult with whatever this chief figure is, putting Neemee to the wayside, given that the enigma, given the ghost claim, would be able to evade their sights. Heading back to the split, you head through past the cells, taking a look at each one and each occupant.

The cells by contrast seem fairly well kept, with a bed, seat and table, a small lantern - which Silas is quick to point out host a candle burning with violet fire - and some small amenities. The people within also seem relatively up to date, not in much mistreatment, and eye you with curiosity, envy and indifference. For a group potentially related to the Rockets, their prisoners seem to be kept well enough, though each one does also bear the shell insignia.

The occupied catacombs continue for some distance, with the occasional patrolling guard giving you a dock of the hat, as you seem to have fooled the crew. A staircase before you houses a thick door, and no guards are in sight. However, before you can ascend, a whisper catches your attention. Looking round, you can see one of the people in the cells beckoning you over, and the way he's looking at you gives you the impression he's aware of your ruse. It is your call whether to ignore the apparent prisoner or to continue up the stairwell into the sanctum proper.
It was definitely a good call for Michael to don the disguise because the incoming arrivals were residents of the place, as expected, two Shell grunts on what seemed to be a routine patrol. "Never seen you before," one of them jeered at Michael, spitting at the ground which elicited a nervous growl from Silas as he started to tense up. "They must be one of his lads," the second grunt spoke up, elbowing the first. "You know what sort of **** they get up to, having to ditch their pins to evade the fuzz. Look, even has the dark type they're expected to have."
"Hrmph. Whatever, just get your arse out of here back up to barracks before Chief starts asking what's keeping you."

Thankfully, the conversation ended there, and the two walked past Michael and Silas, allowing them a moment to relax; this disguise might come in handy multiple times while they were here. "That was close," Michael sighed. "Wonder who this 'Chief' is that they were talking about. Definitely a leader of some kind..."
"Should we get back to looking for your...rag friend?" asked Silas.
"They can take care of themselves, let's look back at those cells instead."

For prison cells, not to mention the prisoners themselves, everything seemed to be in good shape, especially considering everyone stuck inside were also Shell members, which begged the question: why was the Shell gang putting their own people in prison cells? "Michael, the lanterns!" Silas barked out. "Are they supposed to have purple flames in them?"
"Hm, I don't know," Michael muttered. For whatever reason, purple flames sounded familiar to him, but he couldn't figure out why...

The hallway ended with a few stairs and a large door, with no guards stationed at the door, at least on their side. "Psst!" the two could hear from one of the cells, and they looked back to see a man waving his hand to call them to him, and given his expression he seemed to see through Michael's disguise, at least the one painting him as a Shell. Hopefully that was the only disguise he saw through...

He doubled back to the man and whispered, "What do you want? Other than telling me how crappy my look is, I mean." Silas also walked up and began to register the man's scent from the other side of the cell door. "While you're at it, you mind telling me what you're even doing stuck in a cell? I'm pretty new to the place, so I don't know what's going on around here."

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