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Originally Posted by TheKnightsFury View Post
Medmana- Glimmer evolves before your eyes, shedding her conservative, nut-like form as she transforms into a more formidable Pokemon. The newly evolved Nuzleaf seemed much more confident, as if it had found a new strength that it had been lacking before. As the Sandygast continues to rampage, you drag yourself through the sand in search for Gloria, the young psychic was likely being dragged into the sandy mass helplessly. Moving against the sand was far from easy, the sand was up around your knees, making each step a tremendous effort. While your eyes scan through the sand in a desperate search for Gloria, you make sure to occasionally check on Glimmer. The Nuzleaf seemed to be swelling with strength, her body seemed to expand as she increased her power with a quick growth spurt.

With the Sandygast continuing to absorb the sand in the arena to increase its own size and power, you find yourself getting dragged towards the center of the arena. Suddenly you catch sight of a mass of black hair, surely it had to be Gloria. Pulling yourself through the sand as fast as you can, you dive forward to wrap your arms around Gloria's unconscious body. You emerge from under the sand with your arms wrapped around Gloria, she seemed to be breathing but was still unconscious. As you begin dragging her back to the edge of the arena you keep your eyes on Glimmer. The Nuzlead was now going on the offensive, plucking the leaf from her head she sends it spinning upwards through the Sandygast's mouth. A large piece of the living sandcastle is cut loose by the razor sharp leaf, reducing the Sandygast's body size significantly. It lets out a pained wail as it focuses its eyes on the Pokemon that attacked it. A smaller pillar of sand suddenly erupts from in front of Glimmer, striking her with an astonishing blow that sends her tumbling backwards. As a new leaf sprouts from Glimmer's head, she feels the sand around her begin to churn. Before long she spinning around, stuck in a swirling tomb of sand. The abrasive force was causing her pain with each passing second, it seemed the Sandygast had found a new outlet for its rage. You reach the edge of the arena with Gloria as you watch Glimmer fight helplessly against the sand, could she handle this adversary alone?

Ami sighed as she finally managed to get Gloria to steadier and safer ground. There as no telling what this fiend would do to anyone it had successfully gotten a hold of, but it most certainly wouldn't have been pretty. And speaking of not pretty, Madame Marsh didn't seem to be visible anymore, either. Ami wasn't sure whether she should be feeling the sense of satisfaction she got from the thought or not- this was likely a matter of life and death for the manipulative pokethief, after all!

Of course, it was too soon to be letting such thoughts run loose at the moment, as the pillar of sand suddenly bursting around Glimmerwood was quick remind her of. The newly-evolved nuzleaf had certainly proven herself to be exceptionally sturdy this evening, having withstood powerful Flail, Thunder, and Explosion attacks so far and still going at it! As much as Ami wanted to preserve her final pokemon in case some other surprise decided to rear its ugly head once this challenge was over with, it was almost certain that the Wily Pokemon was nearing the end of her line by now.

"Glimmerwood, that's enough! Return!" The Cyber Ball loosed its violet recall beam to drag its inhabitant back to safety, but the beam scattered uselessly against the vortex of silicon grains. "...What?" Ami tried a couple more times, but again and again the beam was bizarrely deflected. "Sh-she's trapped!"

The girl didn't know exactly what her pokemon could do in the new form quite yet, but Glimmer most certainly did. She called onto her last remaining teammate to aid her in Beating Up the living sand mound as she prepared to loose another Razor Leaf attack- the former acorn refused to let this trap hinder her ability to fight back! Ami refused to let herself get distracted quite yet- she needed to come up with a plan of her own!

She quickly pulled her bag out from beneath the hoodie and started to sift through it, looking for something, anything, that could make this ordeal less so. A Snow Globe, a TM for Aurora Veil, a green Gem that somehow felt a little Grassy... nothing of use seemed to be in there at all! In a state of rising disappointment at herself, she opened the pokeball pocket, and chanced upon an odd-looking color. She pulled out the offending green pokeball, and stared at its yellow curved line in attempt to remember exactly what it was. "This is... a Nest Ball, isn't it?" Now that she had put a name to the thing, she recalled something the peddler back at the Springtide Isle had said about it- supposedly, it was increasingly more effective at capturing wild pokemon the less experience it had. And if her suspicion's about this one's age were correct, then it didn't have much experience at all!

"Alright, let's see if you can end this early, for Glimmer's sake!" she declared as she chucked the ball at the shovel on the top of the monster's head. Hopefully she had spent her money wisely!

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