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Also this is the order in which the games make sense:
Dangan Ronpa 1 (e.g. Trigger Happy Havoc) (do not watch the anime first; it's just the first game but heavily abridged)
Super Dangan Ronpa 2
Ultra Despair Girls (semi-optional)
Dangan Ronpa 3 Hope Side (anime)
Dangan Ronpa 3 Despair Side (anime)

Dangan Ronpa V3
Just to issue a slight correction here - It's the Despair side and FUTURE side of the anime, Hope is the last episode. You should also go in the order of despair 1 > future 1 > despair 2 > future 2 > despair 3 etc. Each side fills in contextual information for the other. I have no idea how relevant they are to DR3 yet, but it's closure for the Hope's Peak stuff. I recommend it.

So I just completed trial 1 of DR3...

Spoiler: show
I have never been so mad at a video game in my life. They got me so good and I am so mad.

The Kaede switch is a brilliant twist but kind of disappointing because I don't find Shuichi interesting at all, and I was happy to be playing as a girl (who is gay as hell and I will hear no contrary argument about it) for once. Kind of feels like a Makoto/Sayaka rehash, but done more effectively for sure,
can't deny that. This was a huge gut punch.

In regards to mechanics: Hangman's gambit still sucks dick, I guarantee I'm going to fuck up perjury every time, my instinct of truth-ing is too strong. I blame Ace Attorney. Mass panic debates are absolute hell for me on a sensory level, it took me half an hour to be able to cut through that garbled mess. Autism is a bitch.
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Because I look damn good in a dress.
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