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Originally Posted by TheKnightsFury View Post
Medmana- With Bell being knocked unconscious you recall the Dewpider, he had fought well but this type matchup was one he was never going to win. Glimmer on the other hand had a chance at least, while she wasn't the great offensive presence, she was durable and resisted the Magneton's powerful electric attacks. With Jacob's Gligar holding a distinct advantage, it was up to Glimmer to hold on long enough for you to come out victorious. Madame Marsh's Magneton soon pressed the attack once more, spinning around as each of the three Magnemite's began to a coloured sphere of energy. Soon three orbs, one red, one blue and one yellow are sent spinning through the air towards the currently airborne Gligar.

"Dig now Gligar!" Jacob shoots out to his Pokemon, the Gligar quickly responds and dives down into the sand, avoiding the Tri Attack that almost clips it on the descent. Gligar soon disappears into the sand, obscured from sight as it digs around below. Glimmer begins to shimmer in a white light, biding her time as she waits for the Magneton to target her. Suddenly Gligar erupts from beneath the Magneton, slamming into its underside with a powerful super effective hit. The magnetic Pokemon groans, the power of these repetitive super effective strikes was beginning to wear it down.

Pushing on, the Magneton begins to spin, picking up speed it soon lets out a burst of sonic sound. A booming shockwave flies towards Glimmer, smashing into her and causing her to tumble back through the sand. Eventually the Seedot rights herself and the aura around her condenses and she retaliates with a powerful Bide beam. The energy slams into Marsh's Magneton, causing it to issue yet another groan of pain. Jacob could tell the Magneton was beginning to weaken, the boy was eager to put an end to it.

"Brick break now Gligar! Finish it!" Gligar leaps into the air, raising its claw as it prepares its final blow. The sand around Madame Marsh's feet is beginning to swirl around wildly, as if her growing anger and hatred is shaping it into something.

"If I go down, you all go down with me! EXPLOSION!" Magneton suddenly begins to glow. Jacob's Gligar slams its claw into the Steel type, causing a massive explosion that sends everyone flying backwards in a storm of sand. As the sand settles you find yourself slumped up against the edge of the arena, Jacob next to you. Glimmer is still standing somehow, perhaps she was far enough away from the explosion? The same can't be said for Jacob's Gligar, the ground type wasn't moving at all. Madame Marsh was lying face down in the sand across the otherside of the arena, her Magneton unconscious next to her.

Then you see it, where Madame Marsh stood, there is now a small red shovel sticking out of the sand. It began to spin, rising up out of the ground as sand began to gather below it. Before long the shovel seemed to be sucking in all the sand in the arena, growing to a staggering height as and eerie wail began to fill the cavern. Then you notice it, the growing pile of sand had eyes and what also appeared to be a mouth. Was it a Pokemon? Whatever it was it seemed angry, as if Madame Marsh's hateful grudge had flown into it. Looking over to Glimmer, you notice the little Seedot was beginning to glow, not like when she was using Sky Attack or Bide, this was something different, what could be happening to her?

Glimmer gained 2 levels
Sand. For a long moment, all on could see was sand. All one could feel was sand. All one could hear was a booming roar, then panicked screaming as people and pokemon were flung about, and then pelted with an unrelenting wave of sand. Then, just as swiftly as it started, the chaos came to an end- an eerie calm fell upon the arena.

Ami coughed a bit as she mustered enough strength to stand back up. Between the adrenaline, the electric shock, and now the violent explosion, she was really starting to feel worse for wear. She saw her seedot attempt to do the same, but... Jacob's gligar didn't seem to be doing the same. She sighed- comparing the two pokemon's damage levels prior to this fight, it was easy to see why the young man had lost. The poor thing just couldn't take that much of a beating...

Of course, she had to give credit where credit was due- if it weren't for their Ground Typed attacks, she never would've stood a chance. A small smile spread across her face as she looked across the arena- it seemed that the last attack hadn't knocked out just Gligar and Magneton, but Madame Marsh as well! Even if she did have other pokemon on her, se was in no shape to give orders at all. "We won..." The girl let out a weak laugh. "We actually won even that battle...!"

*Glimmerwood was elevated from Lv. 12 to Lv. 14!*
*Glimmerwood learned Nature Power!*

She was about to step toward Jacob to ask him if he was okay, only to have her already unsteady footing yanked from beneath her. "Uagh?" she cried out as she fell on her face again. Was the sand... moving? She looked up to see that she wasn't just imagining things- all of the sand in the cavern was being drug to a single point, dragging anything it could with it! "What the hell is going on now?!" Glimmer seemed to be handling shifting sands of disaster just fine, but not everyone coul-

Gloria. She most definitely couldn't fight against whatever was going on here! "Oh, no, this really isn't good!" Ami started to make her way towards the telepath's unconscious body as best she could, none too eager to find out if it was possible to drown in the grainy stuff- or to be ground up by a very possessed looking hand shovel, for that matter. Just as that thought crossed her mind, the phenomenon' true nature revealed itself. An eyemask-like batch of darker earth manifested itself near the top of the mound, allowing for one to see clearly defined eyes. Much of the rest of the mound opened up into a wide, triangular maw that loosed a terrible and angry sounding wail. A brilliant light appeared from the beast's side.

Wait, brilliant light? Judging from the thing's reaction, the glow was not its doing. A closer look revealed the truth behind the glow- where the shiny seedot once was now stood an humanoid entity with an orange mask-like marking and a leaf upon her head. Glimmer, as the entity seemed to be, flexed her the muscles in her new arms before glaring up at the massive sand mound. For a moment, it seemed like the beast wasn't the only one undergoing a bit of Growth, but there was no denying that the Wily Pokemon looked somehow stronger than she did just as she finished evolving. Satisfied with her preparations, Glimmerwood plucked the Leaf off of her head and hurled it at the newest enemy, hoping to damage the beast with its Razor sharp edge.

While Ami was most certainly proud of her pokemon's evolution, her terror about the situation dwarfed that pride as she continued to make her way to Gloria and drag the girl away from danger. Was that even possible at this point?

*Congratulations! Your Glimmerwood evolved into nuzleaf!*
*Glimmerwood learned Pound!*
*Glimmerwood learned Razor Leaf!*
*Glimmerwood learned Torment!*
*Glimmerwood learned Fake Out!*

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