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Hi Kawaii! I'm finishing up the rest of your adventure in place of Patches.

kawaiiconcept: The building makes several, loud cracking noises as the fire continues to ravage the building. Freighya looked worried at the sound, but seemed to gain more confidence when she noticed you feeding the several candies to Ducklett. The Espeon focused as much of her energy on her psychic powers, providing a sense of hope to those still stuck inside. As your Ducklett finishes the last of the rare candy, she looks incredibly energized. She flaps her small wings in excitement and lets you know she is prepared to unleash her newly learned attack. The Ducklett opened her beak and an orb of water began to form, growing larger as the little blue Pokemon concentrated more and more energy. It reached the size of a large beach ball, and a Pulse of Water flew forward. Ducklett continued with the attack, and sent several more pulses at the burning building. The waves of water rushed over the walls and windows, putting out the areas of fire it touched. Becky, shocked by the power of Ducklett’s moved, almost forgot to continue using Water Gun. The last of the water hit just before the door of the building bursts open, black smoke pouring out of it. As the smoke clears you spot two figures, the smaller one leaning on the larger one. Jeremy and Samantha come sputtering and coughing into view, Mathilda safe in Samantha’s arms. The group makes their way over to you, Jeremy giving you a smile and a thumbs-up before going back into a coughing fit.

You feel a hand on your shoulder, and turn to see the head of the fire brigade, Lorainne.
“Kawaii, my team can get in the building now and get everyone out, thanks to your help!” She says. She looks relieved, but also worried for the firefighters filing into the building. “Let’s get you all some place safe.”

Lorainne takes Jeremy, Samantha, Mathilda, as well as you and your Pokemon to an office building not too far away. As you enter the door, she calls for medical help for those affected by the fire. A man and a woman in scrubs whisk Jeremy, Samantha, and little Mathilda away into another room, letting them know they would take good care of them. Lorainne hands you a wet rag and a cup of water, and you notice that your clothes and skin are covered with soot. She lets you know she’ll be right back before disappearing into a room down the hall.

“Are you feeling ok?” Her voice comes from the hallway and you see her walking towards you with something in her hand. She holds the object out, revealing it to be a blue gem shaped like a water droplet attached to a chain. “It’s not much but…I can’t thank you enough, really. We’re such a small team, there was no way we could handle a fire like that on our own.” She gives you a gentle smile as she places the Mystic Water into the palm of your hand. Additionally, she reaches into her pocket and holds out $500 poke. She looks a bit embarrassed at the low amount, but you know this company was struggling.

“Cklett?” The winged Pokemon quacks. It is still at your side, and has followed you loyally this whole time as if you were a mother Swanna. It looks at Lorainne, and back to you in worry. Lorainne laughs a bit as she begins to understand. She bends down to get to the Water-Pokemon’s level.

“You’re wondering if its ok to stay with her, huh?” She ruffles the feathers on Ducklett’s head. “Well, if it’s okay with Kawaii, I think that’s a great idea. You two seem to have a great connection!” Ducklett jumped in the air and landed on your shoulder, cuddling up to you affectionately.

You received a Lv. 16 Female Ducklett!
You received a Mystic Water!
You received $500 poke!

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