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Re: Free For All Zone

Sorry for the delay. But you are not forgotten.

Jerichi: After the abrupt meeting of Ai and her lost sibling, Koi, you walk up to them. After you ask what happened, Ai explained the bizzarre turn-of-events.

Koi then takes a turn to explain, "I could just tell it was her. You can just tell sometimes, and I was caring for her egg for a while."

"Siblings are DAINTY!” chimed in Fetra. Ai was just shocked about finally finding her brother.

Continuing on, towards Ai this time, Koi said, “I want to catch up. Lets go back to the Asylum. I think I told you about it, it’s our base, and a fun place to hang out. Or do you want to hang around here for a while longer, since you already supported AFAR. I’ll tell you about AFAR later, lets just have some fun.” He smiled. And waited for your reply.

Then Fetra added under her breathe, so softly you can barely hear, “Koi’s being dainty. He really is happy.” She, too, looked up at you.

QP: The waitress smiled at you before letting a frown enter her face. “I love art, but I’m not very good at it. I wish I was more like my great-grandpa. I’m hoping the exhibit will help me paint better.” She then turns to you, with her usual happy look on her face, “Sorry if I sound pushy, but would you mind if I come with you to the museum after we eat. I’ll be back in a minute, let me put in your order.”

The next few minutes, the waitress wanders to a few other tables (almost all of them nearly done eating) and to the kitchen to get drinks and to put in your order. This leaves you and your Linoone, Mara, to do as you will.

Then she comes back, “You’re food should be out soon, do you need any refills on you drinks?”
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