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On the one hand, this looks really cute. On the other hand, this looks like little more than another entry into a niche market already cozily owned by Professor Layton.

In the same sense that additional Professor Layton games may not be a bad thing, additional pseudo-Layton games may not be a bad thing either. More fun to be had, more adorable stories to experience and mysteries to solve! But I don't know. It just ... I'm worried, that's all. This looks like if Hey You, Pikachu! and Professor Layton had a baby. In that case, I feel like the baby will prove to be genetically superior to one parent while inferior to the other. But if it's equally good to the better parent or even superior to both, then hey, who am I to complain?

They've been working on this for so long, I really don't want it to fail. I wish the development team the best of luck.

I wonder if we'll ever see this game in the West. I highly doubt it. This game seems like it's going to rely heavily on the Great Detective Pikachu talking to the player and on the player talking back to the detective in order to play the game. I don't see NoA re-recording all of Pikachu's lines in English, nor do I see them spending countless hours re-configuring the game to work with the English language. (Edit: Speculation on my part. All the trailer really shows us is that Pikachu will talk a lot. There's little here to suggest the player having to talk back. I just ... a, get Hey You, Pikachu! vibes and b, feel like the part where they show the zoom-in on the 3DS isn't just to showcase Pikachu's emotions but is because the player has to use the built-in microphone to talk. But we'll see.)

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