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Amai: Male Swirlix (Level 1)
Signature Attack: Amai Wana (Sweet Trap)[FA]
Using heavy energy, Amai conjures up a ball of Fairy energy, full of pure bliss and goodness, before tossing it right at the opponent. For the following three turns, one of the opponent's stats, picked at random, will be lowered by 20%, and the opponent's whole body will be ensnared by strings with strength akin to String Shot. The ball of Fairy energy will disappear into the ground, and will rise to ensnare and debuff a Pokemon by the same amount and for the same duration every time a new Pokemon is sent in. It only works on the same Pokemon once. It can be cleared through the use of a Poison or Steel move which deals solid or more damage, aimed at the floor. Amai can only use this once.


Forecaster: Female Castform (Level 4)
Signature Technique: Whether if this is the Right Weather [XX]
When Forecaster changes the weather to that of Sun, Rain or Hail, she will receive a boost, different for each of the respective weathers:

Sun - Forecaster's attack and special attack are boosted by 10% for no extra energy for the duration when the sun is out
Rain - Forecaster's defense and special defense are boosted by 10% for the duration when it is raining
Hail - Forecaster will heal a mild amount of health at the end of every round

Forecaster can also cast weathers indoor, but this will take an extra light amount of energy. She has also learnt Safeguard. In exchange, she loses Sandstorm, Double-Edge and Secret Power.

Hidden Power: Electric


Kido: Female Kecleon (Level 4)
Special Attack: Mekakushi Code (Normal)
Using a heavy amount of energy, Kido immediately vanishes, completely camouflaging into the background as she delivers a surprise attack against her opponent, dealing considerable damage and due to the surprising nature of this attack, cannot be dodged, protected or countered. Kido's sudden disappearance will surprise the enemy, and should a physical attack be used against her, the opponent may stop mid-way due to being unable to aim. For example, if a Dynamic Punch is used against Kido, she may use this attack, which may cause the opponent to stop the punch halfway due to the surprise factor. Kido can use this twice per match.

Hidden Power: Normal


Menma: Female WHITE Misdreavus (Level 3)
Type Change: Ano Hana (Ghost/Fairy)
Menma has the extra type Fairy added to it due to reasons specified above. Menma has become a Ghost/Fairy type, and has gained the resistances and weaknesses of such. Her body is now a shade of white and the beads on her neck is bright pink in colour. With her new typing, she has gained the ability to use Play Rough . However, this comes at a cost, as she no longer has any Dark type moves, and loses the parts in the Ghost Species Characteristic that increases the strength of her fear-inducing attacks and her ability to fight better at night. She also loses the ability to use Destiny Bond, Perish Song and Grudge.

Hidden Power: Fighting


Azami: Female Cherrim (Level 2)
Type Change: Shinigami Record (Rock)
Azami has the extra type Rock added to it due to reasons specified above. Azami has now assumed the type of Grass/Rock, and has gained the resistances and weaknesses of the typing. Azami has learnt how to use Stone Edge, Rock Tomb and Smack Down. As a Rock type, Azami's Ground type energy has been increased to that of a Gigalith's, gaining Bulldoze, Earth Power and Rotollier in the process. As a result, Azami has forgotten how to use Magical Leaf, Morning Sun and Razor Leaf. Azami also has 1HB worth less of energy when completely fresh.

Hidden Power: Rock


Round: Male Swalot (Level 4)
Special Attack: Dark Shock (Dark)
Concentrating, Round uses a heavy amount of dark energy to send a black, dark typed Thunderbolt forward, dealing solid damage. Pokemon hit by this attack will be locked into solid form for five rounds, and if the opponent is a ghost, the Pokemon will gain the properties of an alive Pokemon (ability to be poisoned) and will lose the type's resistance to poison (Misdreavus will become neutral, but Gastly will still take resisted due to its poison typing and Pumpkaboo will take SE).

Hidden Power: Dark


Let's go, Forecaster.
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