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Re: big bad birtha's suggestion box 2: secret passions unveiled

I just feel like we're spamming this thread with Touhou otherwise. Touhou seems to need its own thread, be it here (in Anime) or there (in Clubs).

I know how to do Configs. ^_^; Thanks for trying to help, but yes, I know all about Win2000 compatibility. Did it ages ago. Like, 2007. As I explained, when in Config, the D-pad isn't even being recognized, nor is the right analog stick. Only the left analog stick and the remaining buttons. (The controller is fine, as proven by Windows's Control Panel's Game Controllers' test tab.)

And did you ask your chat buddies about wireless 360 controller experience with IaMP? You didn't even say.

Based on what you told me "earlier," I think I'd prefer to beat the game in Story Mode myself to unlock people. By the way, to address that now ...

Again, your zeal is flattering, but ........ you act like I didn't know about the China patch, when (iirc) I had it installed before you did. That's what's getting to me right now: you developed Touhou fever based on your chat buddies' discussions, so I pointed you in the direction of IaMP because I knew you liked EFZ and IaMP was by the same maker (in part). Don't you remember? Don't you remember this all coming about when you posted that soccer picture? So ... >_> , yes, I have had the China mod for some time now. (December 13, it says.) And I have extracted it and moved the appropriate files places and everything. That stated, I don't know for 100% certain that it's working because I've never managed to beat Story Mode before.


Here are some real problems you can address for me:

Problem 1: the foes in Story Mode have these "modes" they enter when their life gets low. Very, very powerful modes. Can I do something like that? If so, how?

Problem 2: What are those numbers (1-9) that rise on the bottom left of the screen, near the magic bar? I assume they're combo-related, but I can't seem to make use of them.

Problem 3: I feel like the only way I am able to win right now is through "cheap tactics" (e.g. hitting A, so the foe falls down, and then just standing still, and then hitting A again the moment they rise, etc. etc.). Whenever I try to do "real fighting," I get murdered. This is no fun, of course. I wish to do combos, but I also wish to not be murdered. Advice? All I've done so far is just run away to the far corner of the stage and use my long-range attacks. Pretty dull stuff. Especially when they get to do those cool things I mentioned in Problem 1 and I don't.

Problem 4a: People keep saying "your deck matters," blah blah blah, but I haven't noticed any changes to the attacks I do regardless of which cards I select at the start. Is this bad? Ought I to notice something? Does this maybe tie in to those super-powerful combos I'm itching to execute?

Problem 4b: When making "a good deck," is it best to choose the higher level card that matches the lower level card you picked? (e.g. Top Top, Mid Mid, Bottom Bottom ... not Top Mid, Top Bottom, Bottom Top, etc.) Or does it not matter? Or does it matter, but in fact there's a mixed arrangement (e.g. Mid for the weak card, Top for the strong card on Reimu) which is best? So far, I've just been choosing Top Top for Reimu and Mid Mid for Marisa.

Problem 5: I'm beginning to wonder if characters have attacks BEYOND the ones listed in the in-game movelists. Sort of like how characters in Guilty Gear have like 75% of their moves not listed by the in-game move list. Do you know for certain one way or the other?
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