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Re: big bad birtha's suggestion box 2: secret passions unveiled

I went out today around 12:40. Here's my story.
  1. I went to the post office to pick up a package that they tried to deliver to me yesterday but could not because it required a signature and the postman came at like 12noon. Well, I expected that the Post Office would be closed by 12:52pm on a Saturday, but I was hopeful that it might still be open. Nope. Closed at 12. Figures. So, I'll have to come back Monday before they close to try and get my package -- a microbiology notebook penned by a medical doctor who was best friends irl with a doctor my mom knows and likes.[/*1p0gtbiz]
  2. I headed off to Target to try and purchase the following:[list:1p0gtbiz]
  3. wireless laser mouse to replace my broken wired ball-mouse (yeah, Stone Age, I know)[/*1p0gtbiz]
  4. XBox 360 controller compatible with a PC for the purpose of playing doujinsoft fighters[/*1p0gtbiz]
  5. flipflops that are comfortable and all rubber so as to be water-proof[/*1p0gtbiz]
  6. T-shirts of certain colors it took too much time and space to explain, so, T-shirts :P[/*1p0gtbiz]
  7. a mousepad[/*1p0gtbiz]
Of these, I ended up getting just the mousepad. Target had the XBox 360 controller, but it didn't say if it could work with my computer or not. It just had a USB cable on it. They also had a mouse for $45, but I didn't like the fact that the right button and left button were both underneath the same massive, flimsy sheet of gray plastic. Bad design. They had no flipflops for men (just beach sandals with designs for women, and then clogs). Most surprising of all, though, was that they didn't have the shirts I wanted. Oh well.[/*1p0gtbiz][*]The next place I went to was Circuit City. This was where I found my XBox 360 controller. The guy at the store looked like a college-aged but not college-attending stoner boy. But he was really nice and helpful -- didn't speak unless spoken to, never tried any salespitches at all, answered all of my questions concisely and satisfactorily -- except for one time where he did speak without being spoken to, to tell me, "Um, sir ... if you're interested in playing this on your computer, you do realize the wireless can do this too, right?" Noooooooooooo, I was not aware of that! So he showed me that they were selling their wireless controllers for $39.99 -- ten bucks off normal price and the same price as the wired controllers -- and that for just $19.99 I could buy this USB wireless dongle + drivers CD that would let me use a wireless XBox 360 controller on my Windows XP computer. Great.

They also had a nice Microsoft mouse (the something-something 8000) which was wireless, laser, felt comfortable, and even came with a portable phone recharger-styled recharger for the mouse so that you didn't have to keep buying expensive AA batteries. And all for $89.99. I considered getting it, but decided I'd head over to Best Buy first.[/*1p0gtbiz][*]Best Buy. More like "Worst Buy," as every single person I've met who has talked Best Buy with me in the last 6 months has quipped. Must be a meme or something. -_-; Anyway, horrible (and ineffectual) puns aside, Best Buy really was the worst of the three electronics-toting stores I'd been to so far. Even Target, who didn't have the wireless USB dongle on their shelves, was charging $39.99 for the wired 360 controller and $49.99 for the wireless. Here was Best Buy, charging $54.99 for the wireless. Pfft. And, unlike Circuit City, they didn't even have that wide a selection of computer mice. They didn't even have the model 8000 with the phone recharger-styled recharger! Lame. And, the mouse we saw at Target for $45? Yeah, $65 at Best Buy. WTF. They've earned such a reputation now for robbing people of their money that they figure, "Meh, may as well take the suckers who do walk in for all they're worth, I guess." Huh? Must be. So I left Best Buy in like 10 minutes with no purchases made.[/*1p0gtbiz][*]Went to get lunch, ate lunch, checked stuff online ...[/*1p0gtbiz][*]... installed the XBox 360 wireless controller ...[/*1p0gtbiz][*]... and it works! It works perfectly well with Immaterial and Missing Power. Well, almost perfectly well. For some reason, it won't let me use the D-Pad for IaMP's Config page -- only the Analog stick. Only the Left Analog stick. I figure it's IaMP's programming and not that I have a broken controller, but ... bbb, could you ask some of your XBox 360 + IaMP buddies to check for me? I just need to know if IaMP does recognize the XBox 360's wireless controller's D-Pad or not. Because if it doesn't, then it means I have a broken XBox 360 controller with no means of testing it. (If you can't find out for me, I'll have to invite myself over to one med student's place for 10 minutes to test it out.)[/*1p0gtbiz][/list1p0gtbiz]

So ... long story short, I have a controller for PC gaming now and am ready to play BBB!
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