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Re: big bad birtha's suggestion box 2: secret passions unveiled

I'll watch Kaiji now, but I have a feeling I know what's going to happen since I've been the one supplying spoilers to Wikipedia. The Chinese fellow stopped giving them when Yotsuba started bombing spoilers left and right, and I'll only be putting up stuff slowly from now on.


Also, I've settled on a rating for Baccano!, so here's my review.


Speak-easies? Prohibition? Gangsters? Sounds like a pretty serious title, even if the name of the anime translates to "stupid commotion" (or something along those lines) in Italian. I was execting a hard-line, noir title with lots of action - what I got was an outrageously fast-paced show mixed with everything - mystery, love, action, horror, the works. Animation-wise, pretty good, art-wise even better and fitting of the show. These are all the credentials of a merely "good" possibly "excellent" show, but Baccano! goes beyond that - in the span of thirteen episodes, with a positively huge cast (eight to ten perspectives, rotating every six or eight minutes each episode) there was extraordinary character development, all wrapped in a rich collection of un-related side-stories and backgrounds which gradually merged and formed a coherent time-line. The direction style is unique; it's something I've never seen before, though some people have claimed they've seen it in some American films of the rag-time era. The fanservice is almost non-existant, and when it's there it's of the favourable (and funny) kind.

Some people claimed they didn't like Baccano!, so I desperately tried to find something bad about the show to give it anything less than a perfect. I can't; even without the benefit of the music, voices, and sound effects (which says a lot about this show - it was amazing even without audio) which hearsay claims is excellent, I could find no flaws in this show. It was the most hypnotic show since Akagi, driving one mad with suspense and rapidly building up internal pressure to watch the next episode and see what happens next, only to blast one in the face with something seemingly un-related at first and rapid switches of viewpoints...really, it's flawless, and could only have been improved if my speakers were working.

Baccano! gets a Masterpiece. One of the best shows I've ever seen.
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