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Re: big bad birtha's suggestion box 2: secret passions unveiled

Just finished Kaiji 14. Thoughts, worded in a non-spoiler way.

I'm amazed at the reality of Kaiji's character development. I think this episode had two important speeches:

1- the speech Tonegawa gives to his henchman about how "hopefully, even if this is a really extreme way of going about it, our contest will change one of these men for the better." It doesn't change the fact that Tonegawa is sick fuck who gets glee from watching men struggle for their lives, but it does at least show that (somewhere in his sick mind) he respects "the self-made man," and he does seem to harbor some genuine hope that one of these "pieces of trash" will become a solid man.

2- the speech that Ishida gives Kaiji. Hooooooly shit.

There were a lot of other important moments which I won't discuss since they'd spoil stuff, but I do think that these two speeches were probably the two most influential events that helped to further sculpt Kaiji's character and how we (as audience members) view Kaiji. Especially that first speech -- sure, Kaiji didn't get to hear it, but he is himself living Tonegawa's message, and we as audience members are left to marvel at that.

Looking forward to Episode 15. Looks like it should be the last of the "human derby" episodes.
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