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Originally Posted by Lil'twick View Post
Meetan- The bigger, fatter kid seems shocked when you approach him, and starts to tremble. He looks up at you, seeing in your eyes that you know more than what you said. It seems the kid was a coward, only picking on those weaker on him to try and gain some sense of self-worth. It was a pity, really, but life in Bedlam Ridge caused that to happen to people. If you didn't toughen up soon, you'd be fish food.

With a gulp, he starts to explain his situation. "I-I just caught this Mudkip... You... uh... see. Gary's my older brother. He's always picking on me and stuff. I wanted to show him I'm not some wimp," he responds, gradually shifting from obvious lies to a more flimsy truth. Yet, he starts to break down. "B-But..." tears well up in his eyes "I am a wimp. I stole this Mudkip because I can't even catch a Pokemon on my own. J-Just take it back, I'm not ready for this."

At this point the bigger boy has broken down sobbing. You hear rustling in the bushes behind you, and see Terry and Janie start to emerge from where you were hiding. With a quick hand motion, you signal them to stay hiding. Kids were still kids at the end of the day.

As you go to approach muddy, you hear footsteps behind you. Louder footsteps, like someone was stomping boots into the ground. Anger was pounded into the air with every step, the ground itself was trembling. Looking at the source, you saw a not so pleasant looking teenager approaching with fury. While thinner, he looked like an older version of the fat boy crying next to you. He face was riddled with acne and acne scars, and his grimace revealed a not so appealing set of crooked teeth.

"You just had to fuck this up, didn't you David? You useless piece of shit. No wonder dad left us, I bet he saw how much of a fucking failure you were before I did." A high-pitched yelp echoed through the air as the teenager kicked the poor boy in the shin, and then started kicking him in the stomach.

"YOU HAD ONE JOB. STEAL A POKEMON. NOT GET CAUGHT. IT'S SO SIMPLE A FUCKING PANPOUR COULD DO IT BLINDFOLDED. YET YOU FAILED. YOU FAILED LIKE YOU ALWAYS DO. AND NOW I HAVE TO COME AND FIX YOUR FUCKING MISTAKES, YOU USELESS SACK OF SHIT." With each sentence, a harsher kick was given. At the end, you could've sworn you heard the smaller boy start to cough up blood. THe older boy, presumably his brother Gary, looked at the sobbing wrecked beneath him, before drawing it into a gentle caress.

"It's okay though... Your brother will take care of you. I don't like being mean to you. I don't want to hurt you. I do this out of love... I can't miss my appointment, so stay here. I'll come back, I promise. I never break my promises, right?"

And with that, the teen leaves, but before that he gives you a dirty look.

"Don't you dare mess with this woman. If would've given you hell if I wasn't already late. Just take the stupid Mudkip back, what I got is way better anyways."

And with that, he was gone.

What do you do?
At first, Alice was thoroughly unimpressed. No wonder Mudkip wasn't obeying this little bitch, between the fact it was stolen and that its thief had no spine. She was ready to approach Muddy and take it back, concealing her true feelings (they probably showed in her eyes, too, but still) - or at least the full extent of them - to perhaps address this boy's issues. Only, footsteps interrupted this thought, and what came next was absolutely horrifying.

"Lo, lotad!" Lorin called out at one point, the dual-type getting tearful, and Alice brought the Pokemon close to her chest so as to hide his face in her patterned shirt. He was shaking from the disbelief of what he had witnessed, his trainer's blue eyes still set on the sight of sheer, relentless abuse. It made her stomach churn, glossy lips parted, and at one point Alice thought she might be sick. There was so much blood. Briefly, Alice considered this might be when it was acceptable to assault someone with a Pokemon. He fucking deserved it--

She waited for him to be gone before moving forward, dropping down to her feet in the dirt, her Lotad still sobbing. "Muddy, your trainer's still back there. Go back to him and all of you kids get going, alright?" There wasn't too much she could do for this kid. Samantha's Heal Bell probably wouldn't stabilise him, but nonetheless, she took out a large pink water bottle and a pack of tissues to help out anyway.

"Listen to me. What your older brother said to you was bullshit, and you know it. Deep down, you know it." Alice insisted, one hand still softly caressing the poor thing in her embrace. "He doesn't do that out of love. It's abusive, and disgusting, and you deserve better." She extended a pale hand, "Can you walk? I thought I could help you catch a wild Pokemon of your own. And then we could go and battle your brother, make him dig his own grave, and leave him buried in it. Or whatever you think would help. I won't force you. But I'll show you you aren't useless or a failure. You just need a better role model and family, and probably medical attention, too. I'm no good there, though, I'm afraid."
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