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Achievement unlocked: The Bitter End.

The Ribcage Mall.

: Fearful though you were, given the Ariados had turned its attention to you once more, you swallow and accept that one of you weren't making it through this day alive, and intended you and your team to be the survivors. Having taken notice, Pahalo begins to flap her wings powerfully as the forelimbs of the spider glow with a sickly poison as it approaches, while fangs bubble with a lime tinted aura, and as the whirlwind blows, the Ariados is taken off guard slightly, her crossed legs missing you by mere inches as you can only cry out in terror. With the venom in her veins eating away at her, the Mandibuzz is forced onto the rafters to catch her breath and roosts, trying to retain some semblance of energy as she shudders, vision blurry as the poison wracks her body again. At last, Ikaika hears your call and readies herself for an attack as you relinquish your grip on the rope, dangling upside down once more as you perform the necessary actions to unleash the energy within the Starly, just as the Ariados lunges forth, ready to drain the very life out of you...

...which is when Pidove dives into its face in a quick attack that startles it, but leaves it wide open to her cruel fangs clamping down on the avian with what seems like gigaton force, the Pidove giving a heart-wrenching screech before the long leg pokemon spits it out at you, forcing you to swing to grab the barely conscious pigeon lest it plummet to its doom. Holding the bird to your chest, your Flyinium Z on your wrist glows, as the Starly is imbued with the energy within, ready to strike her foe down with her fiercest flying attack...until it dawns upon her that her knowledge of flying techniques limits her to Feather Dance and Roost! As the Z-energy flows through her, the Starly begins to panic, but upon seeing the position you and Pahalo are in, and the Ariados slowly recovering from the sudden bird to the face, she focuses on her small wings, trying to familiarise herself with her Steel Wing technique, only with her natural energy, and as the beast before her hisses in fury, lowering the head so the horn points at her trainer, her warrior's spirit and her bond with you empowers her. Ikaika gains 5 levels!

With a flap of her wings, the experience of fighting a superior opponent of thise caliber gives the starling the drive to turn her attack into something much more powerful. Giving a stentorian battle cry, the Starly lands on a rafter momentarily, before launching herself skywards as the giant spider cocks her head in a manner you could tell would be her groaning "oh, what NOW!?" if you weren't in a position of petrification. Like a bullet, Ikaika crashes through one of the windows in the ceiling of the mall, out into the storm and through the clouds, which appear to part as she turns around and proceeds to divebomb at supersonic speeds, as her target looks up at her, fixated on the bird. The energy flowing through Ikaika propels her forward as she blasts through the window like a meteor, shattering the framework and smashing much of the glass before striking the Ariados in the back of the head. The velocity causes her to tear clean through flesh, muscle, organ and exoskeleton, bursting out the lower half of her foe as it gives the most horrifying shriek it can give, before time itself seems to slow down as a slight red mark makes its way round from entry to exit point.

As the marks meet, the Ariados' eyes glaze over as the front part of it peels off the abdominal section and the back falls the other way, the bisected insect's weight ripping through her web as the Ariados falls from her domain to the unforgiving and solid ground below with a loud, wet thump. Ikaika continues on her trajectory before looping round and landing on a post at the bottom, exhausted but triumphant. Almost as soon as the spider's existence is snuffed out, Pahalo appears to feel the poison leave her veins, as though the Ariados' life was connected to the effects of the poison. Before you can get your bearings, you feel yourself starting to float, and after a second of confusion you look down at your legs, only to learn that with the weaver of the web no longer in existence that the web holding you has started to decay at an alarming rate. With a gasp, the weight of you and Pidove causes the tether holding you to snap as gravity takes command. Squeezing eyes shut, you cry out as life that has happened and yet to occur flashes before you...before the sensation of being slowed down forces you to slowly peek, a cyan aura surrounding you.

Above you, 'Opio is cheerfully floating down in a similar glow while Pahalo glides down after you, the Mandibuzz remaining her usual self, though you could have sworn you saw a tiny glimmer of respect towards Ikaika in her eye, or was that your imagination? As feet find solid ground once more, your attention is commanded by the swine with black pearls adorning the head, the Grumpig the source of the psychic field that saved you from a messy landing. The Kangaskhan's field is held by a grumpy loooking Haunter, who is evidently far from amused at the youngster repeatedly bopping him in the face, dropping her near you while rubbing the bruise that seems to have formed somehow. Before you can do anything, a woman struts up to you, holding Ross by the ear as the man winces.

"This the kid you on about?" she snaps at him, the blonde clearly the one who was shouting earlier, as the Rib squirms in her grasp, before giving a sheepish nod. With but a roll of her eyes and a shift of her leg, the man lies quivering on the ground courtesy of a critical Z-Low Kick delivered by the woman. Turning back towards you, she gives you a once over, before shrugging.

"You ask for someone to hire an exterminator for that bug those Shell pricks released here months ago, and instead of some Charizard-toting hunk, some scrawny kid comes in and does the job for you..." she spits, looking at the slain Ariados like some sort of filthy pest. "Well, since you did the job instead of the three stooges we hired, you get the payment. Take it and clear off before the cops get suspicious, and try not to drop these next time, eh?"

The woman bundles a wad of paper and a couple of objects into your free arm before you can say anything, before storming off, the Grumpig pausing to give a salute to you before toddling off after her. Looking down at your items, you find $500 in notes, as well as a disc with a label on it declaring it as a TM for Acrobatics and the other object to be a green piece of headgear with a red visor, a pair of safety goggles apparently you lost. Choosing not to argue, you grab your belongings from the Ribs and begin to head for the exit of the mall, after checking on Pahalo's status and well-being. Pahalo gains 3 levels!

With the rain clearing up, the sight of sunlight peeking through the clouds above begins to warm you, as a wriggle in your arms diverts your attention to the Pidove. Battered and bruised, but having been saved from untimely demise, the level 14 Male Pidove with EM Lucky Chant gives a grateful coo, as the next step of your journey begins. Where you go and what you up to the wings of fate to decide.

Upon replying to this update, your capture of the above Pidove is confirmed, and your adventure in Bedlam Ridge is concluded. You are free to return to this city at any time, and are free to place your Pidove in a ball of your choosing, as well as the collection of the Acrobatics TM, Safety Goggles and $500. It was a pleasure to update you, and here's hoping you enjoyed your adventure.

Crystal Grove.

Missingno. Master
: With the Starmie's words taken to heart, you and your group begin to enter the underground ruins on high alert, as you detail your plan of action to the group. With Andromeda taking into account Amanda's physical situation of the moment, the starfish hangs back, ready to help her out when necessary, and indeed, the exercising of her psychic abilities seems to have helped Andromeda out as she gains 2 levels from scrying and analysing the grounds. As you step onto the mossy bricks, you seem to feel the age of the ruins themselves as you begin to follow the road down to the first of the buildings.

Looking forward, you find the road you're on seems to be a main road, as you opt to remain hidden and follow the back roads, figuring that the entity within would likely follow those paths more. The trek through the alleyways is tense, the sound of your footsteps putting you on edge. Once or twice, you pause, heart beating as a stray Golett plods by in eternal patrol, sometimes turning head towards you and raising hand in friendly salute, as your group theorises that people used to live here and the clay pokemon are imprinted upon humans as allies.

Eventually you come to a fork in the road, and with some conferring send Marvolo and Meowth ahead to scout for a safe path. A few seconds after they depart, a hand on your shoulder almost makes your quarter-Gastly into a half-Gastly as Amanda beckons for you.

"...I hate to admit...but I have a horrible feeling about this..." she whispers, just as another boom grabs your attention, the woman tumbling forward into your arms as you manage to keep yourself from falling over, giving a glance at your Starmie on why she didn't catch either of you. She remains silent, but looking at her gem, you can tell she's stone cold silent, as though trying not to make any sudden movements. As the sky darkens above you, you look up to find a Sigilyph, glaring at the right, where Marvolo ventured.

What happens next takes both you and Amanda's breaths away. The Avianoid pokemon launches a blast of air forward at something, only for an intense chill to fill the air as an incredible blast of frigid energy slams forth into the pokemon, the psychic pokemon's swaying movement slowing drastically and stopping as its body is frozen from within and outwith, an almost alien wail emanating from the creature, forming a crystalline tomb of ice, before shattering into countless fragments and raining across a wide area. Not just ice, however, as the pokemon itself, deep frozen, disintegrates too, small chunks of the Sigilyph dropping onto you and Amanda, both of you trembling. The image of death may not be as harsh as before, but the impact most certainly is. Before, the Rattata were merely out to survive, but whatever caused this must have done so out of malice. After a few tense seconds, Meowth and Marvolo return, as the pair give you feedback.

Meowth's side of the story tells you that the left path seems clear, though it does get rather narrow as the buildings were built closer than usual, but seems safe, as he seems curious at the sound he heard. Marvolo's news is that the right path is wider and he could spot some tunnels further ahead a short distance away, but that he also discovered something much more sinister, by confirming that he found the source of Andromeda's concern, though is reluctant to explain in detail. After a little coercion, he swallows before whispering gravely: A Claydol, a little larger than usual, hate etched into every one of those eyes, and body embedded with irregular gemstones of all sorts of colour, which glowed with menace before it released an incredible ray of frost, no mere ice beam, at something. He had ducked back in after spotting it, as he admits gazing upon it gave him a feeling of dread.

Your choices are clear as it dawns on you the Starmie's silence was to prevent the psychic pokemon from detecting her and your group by extension. Still holding onto Amanda, you feel your cheeks redden a little as you help yourself and her to your feet, before considering your decision on the best path to take. Narrow and safer, or shorter, but potentially reveaing yourselves to the Claydol with unknown agenda?
Stale Water.

Unruly Premonition.
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