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Originally Posted by Raves View Post
The Ribcage Mall.

: The battle for survival raged on, as 'Opio remaining oblivious to the war over the ledge tussles with the Spinarak clamping into her flank, and with the pinching of small fangs starting to hurt, shakes around before raising her small arms up and raining down a flurry of punches like a shower of comets upon the small bug, the first and second burst of strikes dislodging it as the third and fourth barrage shoves it down into the ground. Not to be taken lightly, and angered by the assault, the spider turns around and sprays a silked thread around her and begins to pull upon it, attempting to constrict her movement as it then scurries around and stings her with the poisonous horn on the already injured flank as the Kangaskhan kid pulls the webbing free.

Grunting from the sudden jab, the youngster turns to the bug, honks furiously and rushes the Spinarak with a second assault of comet punch, the Spinarak squeaking as the attack's strength is amplified by the scarf worn around her neck's innate power as thickened claws slam upon the pokemon once, twice, thrice, quice, five full rounds, each round bringing more and more fury to the youth until she stops, seizes the battered and bruised Spinarak by the horn and fangs, and stares the woozy insect in the eyes, feeling it shiver in fear at her before huffing and tossing it casually off the ledge without a care. Giving a honk, 'Opio feels power within her, the defeated Spinarak falling for several seconds before plopping onto the ground below with a small thud, wiggling legs in a futile attempt to get up before just laying on the floor. 'Opio gains 2 levels!

The Kangaskhan's victory is short-lived, however, as she is shoved backwards by some unseen force, bringing a Starly all too familiar to her with it. Taken by surprise by the psychic blast, Ikaika climbs onto her feet as Pahalo clicks her beak in disapproval towards her gargantuan foe, leering straight at the Ariados as it returns its attention to the biggest threat to her. The Ariados falters a little, slightly unnerved by the vicious look as Ikaika grabs her bearings with a little help from 'Opio, who is completely oblivious to the Ariados and instead showing the Starly her wounds from battle proudly. Thoroughly ruffled, the Starly takes to the skies once more as the Mandibuzz is snared by a string shot that is closer to a chain than a string, legs snared as the larger of the creatures brings her down to level before taking careful aim at Pahalo with the horn aglow with bug energy.

With the poison running through her veins, Pahalo brings her wings round, but realises the mega-sized horn on her foe is as big as she is as the Ariados salivates and takes steps closer, to ensure a clean stab at the chest and heart, just as Ikaika unleashes her draconic hidden power at the same time as the frazzled Pidove lets loose a gust catching the orbs, creating a small storm of missiles that peppers the Ariados' front. Taken off guard, the spider lunges forward, grazing the Mandibuzz and knocking her loose from the webbing, who follows suit with a blade of air that slashes into the face of the spider queen as she attempts to swing with the megahorn, flinching the insect as the energy fades to its frustration.

In anger, the Ariados appears to hurk before spewing forth a wave of venom over the birds. Ikaika and Pidove are more disgusted than anything, but Pahalo is drenched by the toxin which seeps into her, the vulture giving a queasy croon as she feels her strength leave her, causing her to land upon the sticky webbing, though her sharp talons mean that escape wouldn't be too tough for her. Not yet finished, its forelegs become steeped in a dark energy but the sucker punch never arrives as Ikaika promptly flies into its face and flutters and dances in front of it, shedding feathers over the Ariados as it shrieks and waves its arms around to shoo her away. Mustering up more courage, the Pidove flaps harder trying to break free of the webbing...and after the prior psychic burst which admittedly hurt, the tiny pigeon tears free of the snare with a cheerful, relieved coo. Fluttering wings, the bird then flies a small ring around the Ariados who is by now infuriated, and the air currents generated by the flight of her initial prey don't help, cutting into her sensitive wounds as it flies by you, the air cutter shredding much of the webbing holding you. You could probably free yourself now, though below you lies nothing but the cruelty of gravity and another sticky cable. Ariados by now is seething, as the insectoid energy from the mostly failed Megahorn seems to emanate around her, swarming as the colossus finds her footing on the web a little shaky.

Ikaika and Pidove took a considerable hit from the Psychic blast, and another such hit could very well be too much for them, while Pahalo is starting to feel the burn of the poison, and after her lucky break, knows she's starting to push herself towards her limits. A solid hit on her, and the encroaching poison may very well be enough to drive her well into the danger zone. Ariados is definitely weakened, and another couple of decent strikes should bring her down, though the swarming effect means she's much more aggressive, and as she glowers, her sights fall on you and your lack of defence...
Well... this sucked. Death by giant, angry Ariados, or death by falling? The whole 'plummeting half a dozen stories to ones' demise' was a much more deeply ingrained fear of Tate's, certainly, but probably more instantaneous and less painful than being drained of fluids by an arachnid -- which Tate really didn't want to be complicit to the murder of but which the murder of seemed to be the only way in which any of them were going to survive. Yes, this sucked immensely.

Tate clung tightly to the webbing, ultimately more afraid of falling than of being eaten; perhaps the trainer had enough faith in the Pokémon fighting on behalf of the silly human's continued well being, or perhaps irrational phobias simply held that much sway. Pahalo, finding the idea of her trainer being devoured an inconvenience, did what she could to try to drive the ravenous insect away, beating her tired wings in a valiant attempt to kick up a whirlwind to push the beast back. Vision doubling from the poison burning in her veins, she had no choice but to retreat to a high ledge after only a short time trying, seeking a roost upon which to catch her breath lest she fall from the very sky.

"Okay, Ikaika-," Tate began, in a quaking voice. One by one, the trainer pulled both hands free of the webbings, and dropped back down to dangle from the ankles once again. Terror flooded the bird keeper's system, but Tate endeavored to stay calm, praying to Celebi that the binding would hold. Take a deep breath, and strike a pose! Wrists crossed, over the face, swoop them up to the hips. Cross them out in front, that's right, now raise them high and bring them down! Fly like a bird! Up and away! The Z-Crystal o the braided bracelet on Tate's wrist never felt so heavy or so welcome. "S-supersonic Skystrike!"

Here's hoping we all survive.
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