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Originally Posted by Raves View Post
Crystal Grove.

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: To say Amanda's plight had robbed you of words was an understatement, as you respond unable to keep your own emotions in check as the woman looked at you, seeing your own tears escape your eyes. Giving her eyes a wipe as Andromeda relays the notice to you and the group, you give Marvolo and Meowth their orders as Amanda gives her legs a shake, with only a small wince.

" you...I think I can walk..." she whispers, climbing to her feet, "we should go. I'd rather...not return to the vanguard though...y-you saw yourself...tried beating a confession out of me..."

Taking the lead, you and Amanda follow the Seviper, the Starmie's core faintly pulsing as she attempts to get more of a lead on what that something down with them is. For the next few moments, the only sounds are your own footsteps and breathing, with the occasional sharp breath from Amanda as her scarred arm, exposed to the musty air, is irritated. Turning through the corridors, you wonder why Donovan called this subterranean area an undercity, and as your group catches a sign of light, to Meowth's relief, your breath is quickly taken away once again, though not through traumatic tales.

Rounding the corner, you and the team find yourselves on a stairwell overlooking a large, ancient ruined settlement, light pouring from gaps above, the ceiling a twisted mass of tree roots that spiral down into the ruins, the stone covered in moss and a faint mist permeating the area. The ambience is stunning, and as your gaze washes over, you can see movement within the ruins, which Andromeda very quickly identifies as wild pokemon. Floating over the undercity are several ancient avianoids similar to Unown yet larger, their single eye gazing down at their domain, while the streets as such are patrolled by small clay creatures, Baltoy whirling around through the thinner pathways while Golett trudge along the roads. Nearer the roots, Nincada and Paras gnaw and socialise among each other, while the occasional Diglett pokes through the earth upside down.

"Woah...this is...the tunnels never passed this..." your companion whispers, before swallowing as one of the Sigilyph floats towards you, the Seviper meeting its single eye with his own glare as you said, only for the attempted paralysis to simply be ignored as it scrutinises your group, all of you tense at the sight. Would it attack? Your answer comes only a few seconds later as the unusual pokemon gives a few abnormal cries before whirling round and returning to patrols, deeming your group non-aggressive.

As you climb down the steps, the atmosphere around the ruins changes, as the fairly cool air suddenly becomes much colder and unease fills you, Meowth making a snarky comment about the situation. Looking up, you find the Sigilyph appear to have vanished, as the bug pokemon in the trees very quickly scramble up the roots. Curious to the change, you begin to question if your presence spooked the wild pokemon, until Andromeda grabs your attention with three subjects of interest.

The first is that her scanning of the area reveals there is a way back to the surface the group can use, at the other side of the ruins as her gem glows towards a stairwell on the other side. The second is that she has identified all pokemon within the settlement, though the something from before still eludes her knowledge. The third, however, she says with great that the something from before is within the city, and the energy emanating from it is unlike anything she has ever seen before, and not in a good way, and that should the group encounter run.

As a dull boom echoes through the ruins, you've little choice but to head through and hope whatever the Starmie has discovered doesn't discover you, though with Amanda in her state, your approach to the city had best be taken carefully.
Amanda climbed to her feet, thanking Keith, and expressing confidence that she could walk. She also, however, expressed a definite reluctance to return to the vanguard. While Keith was certain he'd be able to convince them that Amanda was being truthful, he also really, really couldn't fault her for said reluctance- such brutal interrogation methods would leave anyone extremely reluctant to go back to where said interrogation took place. "Fair point," he conceded. "Let's just try and get out of here for the time being."

And that's just what they tried doing. Marvolo and Meowth taking up the lead once more, Keith and Amanda followed behind them, while Andromeda attempted to figure out more about what she was sensing. For the moment, though, nothing. Well, not quite nothing- the sound of their own footsteps. The sound of their own breathing. The occasional small gasp from Amanda as the musty air irritated her scarred arm.

"Hey- I can see light!" Meowth spoke up at last. And so they hastened to the source of said light. And once more, Keith found himself speechless, albeit for decidedly different reasons than last time.

The group was beholding the abandoned, ancient, yet still astonishing, ruins of an ancient settlement. Now Keith realized why Donovan referred to this as an undercity! Illuminated by light coming from gaps in a ceiling composed of twisted tree roots, stone surfaces covered in moss, and a light mist throughout the area. It all added up to a singularly amazing sight, and Amanda seemed amazed by this as well, stating that the tunnels never took her past this. But before much more could be said, an odd creature flew their way. Its singular eye brought to mind the Unown, but this was clearly no Unown. Whatever it was, though, was still unknown to Keith, and so out came his Koffing-purple Pokédex.

"Sigilyph, the Avianoid Pokémon. A Psychic and Flying-type," said Keith's Pokédex. "Sigilyph constantly flies the same route, still possessing memories of guarding an ancient city. Those that they perceive as intruders are attacked with psychic power."

Keith held his breath, hoping beyond hope that this Sigilyph was not about to perceive them as intruders. Just the one might be manageable, but there were other Sigilyph in the area as well. Somehow, Keith didn't think an entire flock of Sigilyph would be quite as manageable as a pack of Rattata. Especially considering "manageable" was probably not the correct descriptive term for aforementioned pack of Rattata. But to his relief, Sigilyph seemed to be convinced that the newcomers meant no harm, and flew off. Keith breathed again.

This relief, however, was short-lived. Upon descending the stairs, the very atmosphere changed. Pleasantly cool air became unnervingly cold. "Ohhh, dis ain't good," Meowth remarked.

"You think?" Keith replied. A glance up revealed the entire flock of Sigilyph to have vanished. The Nincada and Paras that were present on the tree roots were now scrambling up them. "...Wishful thinking, but maybe we just scared them away?" Keith asked.

"Da Nincada and Paras, maybe, and even den, I gots my doubts," Meowth stated. "But dere ain't no way in hell we scared off dem Sigilyph."

"I figured as much," Keith nodded. "Well, that leaves a pretty ominous question, then. If we didn't scare them off..."

"...den wat did?" Meowth finished.

Keith, Andromeda's voice sounded, her telepathic tone reaching all nearby. I have news.

"Please tell me at least some of it's good, Andromeda," said Keith.

It is, confirmed the Starmie. I take it you wish me to open with the good news, and so I shall- there is a way back to the surface accessible to us, on the other side of the ruins.

"OK, not hating it so far," Keith nodded. "Anything else?"

Two things, responded Andromeda. First, I have identified all of the Pokémon within the settlement, though... whatever I was sensing from before remains a mystery to me. Which brings me to my final point... that something from before? It's here. In the city. I have never sensed energy like this before, and I have lived a long time.

"Well, I mean, do you have any idea what we should do?" Keith asked. "What should we do if we encounter this thing?"

Run like hell, the Starmie responded flatly.

"...Thus I reiterate- dat ain't good," Meowth spoke up. "So... our way out is trough da city, but we risk runnin' inta sometin' dat makes Heatran look like a joke?"

"Well, I-" began Keith, before a dull boom echoed throughout the ruins, startling them all. "...I mean, it's not like we got much choice," he shrugged. "We just gotta head across, hope we make it out before this mystery thing finds us."

"And if it does find us?" Meowth asked nervously.

"Well, you heard Andromeda- run like hell," replied Keith. "Andromeda, considering Amanda's current state, you might need to carry her with Psychic again if a quick getaway is needed. Think you can manage?"

I shall do my best, the Starmie responded.

"And Marv, if it's necessary, you might need to use Haze to cover our getaway," Keith added. "So be ready, alright?"

"Always ready," smirked the Seviper.

Keith nodded. "Alright... let's move," he stated.

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