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Originally Posted by Raves View Post
The Ribcage Mall.

: Mentally incapable of focusing on all sides of the battle, you only hope your pokemon can take initiative in the fight to survive, and as you call to Ikaika to leap to the defensive, the infestation starts to creep towards the stuck Pidove, while the Spinarak hatchling pulls towards 'Opio, the Kangaskan leering at the spiderling. The hungry bug is taken aback by the angry small pokemon and hesitates, still attached to the string and with a heave the normal type begins to turn and swing her arm in a slowly growing circle, leaving the unfortunate arachnid holding on as a lime conduit of energy grows between the pair, the spider absorbing energy in an attempt to exhaust her. Unfortunately, 'Opio is having none of this and with a sudden stopping jerk, the string snaps, throwing the horrified Spinarak flying into the nearby wall with a thump. As it peels itself off, the bug lunges forward and bites into her leg as she grunts and tries to dislodge the hungry bug.

On the more dangerous side of things, the giant Ariados glowers at Pahalo as the Mandibuzz gives a flap of her wings in a fashion to generate a small localised wind front that turns and tosses around at the tail end of her and the Starly, providing a much needed boost in agility. This, however, is set aside when the energy in the mandibles crackles with electronic sparks, the spider queen sitting a shocking web missile at the distracted Pahalo, who visibly winces as the compact blob strikes her chest, zapping her as she momentarily drops in height. However, the crafty avian is not one to see this as a problem as she bravely tucks in her wings and dives down to around halfway to the ground before turning around and using the momentum and tailwind to propel herself upwards as the Ariados, thinking her down and out, turns towards you with poison in her jaws.

The bird flaps her wings once, twice, thrice as she soars above the spider, glowing in azure energy of the skies before barreling downwards at the face of the insect, slamming hard into her and almost knocking her off her webbing as the bug shrieks and jabs the back of Pahalo with her horn as you give a cheer, only for the excitement to fade as the poison in the fangs very quickly seeps into the wound on the vulture who lands on the web, sharp talons ensuring the sticky aspect does nothing to her. Giving a wince, the Mandibuzz is surprised to find herself feeling much worse than she should be given the nature of poisoning. Indeed, it appears the large Ariados normal poison potential is much more toxic than you anticipated.

A shrill tweet from Ikaika grabs the attention of all as the Starly flutters between the infestation and Pidove, protecting the pair with a shimmering barrier as the Pidove's gaze catches your guilt in your eyes and mirrors it. It only wished to play around with you, and now it's got you both doomed. As the starling struggles to keep the swarm at bay, the wild avian cocks its head at her, then back at you, before suddenly going from absent minded to determined. With a battle cry, the Pidove flaps its wings rapidly, not to try and break free but to send a gust of wind through the waning shield at the swarm, blowing them off the web and safeguarding the pair. It then begins to chirp in a fashion that reminds you of a chant of sorts, as the Ariados seeks to strike down the Mandibuzz with a fell stinger aimed at the heart.

As it lances forward, horn longer than Pahalo's neck, the vulture hears the song, and brings her talons up, the bones around her waist blocking the strike with a lucky deflection, taking menial damage from the insect, before rushing the ornamentation and her beak down into the face of the Ariados, pelting it with hard pecks and scrapes and dealing four substantial wounds to the giant bug, who backs off with a hiss, before turning her attention to the source of the noise and launching a burst of psychic energy at Ikaika and Pidove in anger.

The Spinarak attacking 'Opio has taken a decent hit but seems capable of taking more, while the Kangaskhan has escaped with only one small wound and more than ready to smush the little insect, while the infestation has been thwarted. Pahalo has plenty in the tank, but that toxic poisoning will wear her down over time, and the reckless nature of her offensive this round has left her a little dinged up, while Ikaika is eager to bring the fight to her significantly larger foe now she has the Pidove's backing. The Ariados is a little dazed and wounded on the head, with the brave bird having opened a noticable gash on the back, haemolymph leaking from the wound, but is rather furious now, gaining a boost to its offensive powers while leaving it a little slower than usual.

As you attempt to free yourself of the webbing, you find that it has became a little less sticky, but still holds you strongly, as you slowly claw up and into a more comfortable position, at least as far as comfortable goes when you're still suspended over a hundred feet in the air with nought beneath you but solid concrete. Your ears do however pick up that the murmur of the crowd has went completely silent as a very angry voice seems to be shouting at them.
The angry shouting below might as well have been a whisper, for as much as it registered on the trainer's radar. So much was happening, all their lives were in danger; everything was a madhouse, and Tate was not the best in a crisis on even the best of days, much less after having probably suffered a concussion after having falling a story onto a game cabinet. ‘Ōpio -- a fighter by nature -- was doing quite well for herself, which was for the best, because Tate wasn't in a position to focus on her. Enraged at being bitten, she flails her stubby arms at the insect into another pair of Comet Punches, practically swinging blindly in her infantile fury.

In the realm of more imminent danger, Pahalo has taken matters into her own hands. Though she easily tolerates her 'trainer', at no point in her long life has she ever required anyone to tell her what to do and she has no intentions of starting now; she leers down at the wretched arachnid and, with powerful wingbeats, she whips the air up into a frenzy, the gusts sharp enough to slash like knives. At sight of her resolve, Tate perks up.

"Ikaika," the frightened, exhausted, but determined Johto native calls to the Starly. Failure is not a fucking option. "U-use your Hidden Power to help Pahalo out! I know you're not as big and strong as she is, but you're a fighter, right? Do it for me, and for Pidove! Then follow it up with a Feather Dance!"

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