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Originally Posted by TheKnightsFury View Post
Medmana- You roll Glimmer's Pokeball over to Jacob, trusting that the young man would treat her well and only use her for the intended purpose. Jacob accepts the Pokeball before retreating, the last thing he needed now was to be found before executing the plan. You leave Gloria to ponder on a game plan as you play with your chest, attempting to find the button that would switch on the microphone so you could radio in for support from the Marshals. You brief them on the situation, however you couldn't be certain if someone was listening or if they would come to your aid, only time would tell.

"I think we should attempt to take down one of their Pokemon at a time", Gloria had been thinking of a plan and it seems she has one. "If we can force the fight into a two verse one then I think we have a good chance of winning, but I guess that depends on what Pokemon they use as well." Not long after Gloria finishes outlining her plan, Madame Marsh makes her way into the room, a massive smile on her face.

"Time to go ladies, I hope you are ready", Madame Marsh signals for the guard to release you from your cells and she leads the pair of you out through the tunnels, the guard following closely behind. You're almost at the entrance to the arena when the guard suddenly stops behind you and looks around. "What is it?" questions Madame Marsh harshly.

"Nothing Madame, I just thought I felt something...... It was nothing, carry on." Perhaps the guard was just imagining things, but more likely Jacob had just executed his plan and Glimmer had pickpocket the guard's keycard. Hopefully it was Jacob and his plan was going well, hopefully your's and Gloria's would be as successful. The crowd roars as the pair of you enter the arena for what should be the final time, Madame Marsh and the guard remain in the tunnels. Your opponents are already in the arena, the happy couple stand hand in hand, stirring up the crowd. Nikolai is dressed in a slick black suit, a red rose pinned to the breast, his jet black hair is swept neatly to the side. Valeriya is likewise clad in black, a long flowing dress accentuates her slender form, her long blonde hair flows down over her shoulders. More importantly two Pokemon stand in front of the pair. In front of Nikolai is a Pignite, the Fire type snorts a burst of flames as you and Gloria walk across the sand. A Servine stands at the ready in front of Valeriya, flicking his leaf-bladed tail around eagerly.

As the Houndoom masked announcer takes up his position the crowd falls silent, eager for the match to begin. "Now we stand witness to what could be the best match to ever be held in this arena. Feared and revered, the Petrovs have blessed us with a rare look at their fabled battling abilities, stepping up to deal with the pesky pair of recruits who drew their second match. Will Gloria and Ami be able to overcome the Petrovs and secure themselves a position in either the Shells or the Ribs? Or will they succumb like so many before them? Let the battle begin!"
Two prongs of the plan had begun, but it took the treacherous Madame Marsh to start the third one. It certainly didn't take too long for the lady to do so, but... had it really been an hour? It certainly didn't feel that way to Ami, but that was hardly surprising. They were already being set up upon as things were, and there was a crowd out there thirsting for a good show. It wasn't like she and Gloria had any more to work with to come up with a battle plan, so the only downside was that they hadn't removed the metallic wristbands yet. Although, that could wind up being their undoing in the end...

A brief reaction from the guard informed Ami that Jacob and Glimmer were playing their pats already, which was most likely good news. She tried her best not to show any reaction herself, however, since doing so could possibly give them away. Thankfully, the man was certain that he was just imagining things, so at least there was that bit of good news. She turned her attention to the opponents instead, taking a good look at their pokemon. They had a pig that seemed to spew flames from its snout with ease, giving away its primary typing, and a leaf-covered snake... with stubby legs? That didn't seem like a practical bit of anatomy, but the Grass Type did belong to quite the feared mercenary. It probably could work with its awkwardness just fine. At the very least, neither pokemon was a tyranitar or a hydreigon like Ami had feared.

'Alright, I think we should target the pig first,' Ami thought to her partner as she looked away from the psychic in an annoyed fashion. The crowd probably expected her to still be seriously peeved by Gloria's demeanor, so she might as well act the part. 'It should be the easier of the two for us to take down.' She turned her attention to the referee, genuinely displeased with his monologue. "If calling those two-" she pointed purposely at the Petrovs "-against us wasn't enough to tell me what you really thought of us, then your calling us 'pesky' just now certainly did."

The foreign girl sighed and turned to face the fabled couple, pulling her final pokeball free from her jacket's pocket. "Now, you two..." She pressed the button on the red and white orb, releasing Bell into the arena. "If the legends about your strength are true, than my partners and I don't have much of a chance of victory here tonight, nor should we expect a good, clean fight. But this is an arena, and the seats are filled. Don't think for a moment that we're just going to hand victory over to you!"

"Dew, dew!" Bell went into a stance reminiscent of the one associated with the missing Unova starter, minus the shells and plus a leg. It was clear that he felt his trainer's determination, though he may not have been fully aware of the stakes yet.

She didn't give any orders quite yet. She needed Gloria's thoughts on the matter at hand, after all, and the Petrovs were probably going to take a moment to mock her declaration anyway. Might as well give them their moment, right?

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