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Carlos stared at you with glassy eyes through the sapphire tears welling up and spilling over his eyelids. He sat silently, not responding, eventually becoming transfixed on the blood dripping from Cecil’s finger and onto the floor.

J tapped her foot impatiently. “So are you going to answer K, or am I going to have to start cutting off some fingers?” Once again, it was difficult to tell if she was being serious or if she was bluffing. One thing was certain, though - her tone and overall demeanor had changed into something completely different ever since Carlos mentioned his boss by name, and her mood flaring even further when he revealed that she likely had bugged the room. Carlos still did not say anything. He continued to stare at the blood dripping on the floor from his friend’s hand.

Suddenly, the lounge’s television turned on. Black and white noise filled the screen briefly, snapping Carlos out of his broken state, before switching to all black. After a moment, white text appeared on the screen.


“No… no no no no no no no,” Carlos started hyperventilating. After a few moments, the text disappeared, and a video appeared on the screen. It was dark, and somewhat hard to see, but you could tell that the camera was, in fact, a dash cam, situated behind someone’s car windshield. There were a few streetlights lining the road with several townhouses on each side. It appeared to be a residential neighborhood.

“No! No no! Please boss I’m sorry, I’m so sorry, please, don’t do this, please!”

A figure appeared in front of the vehicle; someone was waving at the camera. It was a man, and he was wearing a Shell uniform hat. In his other hand was a gun. He shrugged his shoulders and shook his head. He stepped away from the car and into the street. As he stepped into the light, you recognized him - it was the man who had led you into the elevator when you had first entered the joint. He walked up to one of the townhouses in view of the camera and knocked on the door.

“NO! PLEASE! DEJA A MI MADRE FUERA DE ESTO!” Carlos was sobbing, pleading to his boss. He began rocking the chair back and forth with his body, frantically trying to loosen himself - desperate to do something, anything. J looked stunned. She clenched her fists and stepped backward. On the television, the door opened and a small woman with curlers in her hair walked into the doorway. The Shell mouthed something to her, and then lifted his gun. There was a flash of light, and then the woman fell to the ground, unmoving.

Carlos said nothing. More tears streamed down his face. “M-Mama…?”

The video cut once more to static, and then turned off. Carlos didn’t say anything. Silence fell across the room; even Hawlucha looked completely shocked at what he had just witnessed. It was admittedly a bit odd that this would happen right after you mentioned in your interrogation that Saoirse would come after his family, but it seemed like the obvious answer was that Saoirse - or whoever set this up - had most likely put this into motion upon Carlos becoming compromised. After all, the Shells always dealt in absolutes - no half measures.

Carlos broke the silence. His voice cracked as he spoke up. “I’ll help you. Let me go. My mama was all I had. Please. There’s nothing we can do now but fight back. I never asked for this. This isn’t what I signed up for. Saoirse… if you can hear me… I’ll kill you. I’ll kill you even if I die doing it!”

And then, as if she was listening, the lights in the room shut off. Once more, there was silence - this time more eerie than the last. “Quickly, untie me! Leave Cecil here - he’ll be fine… I hope,” Carlos cracked a bit before continuing. “The metal door on the other side of the room - it’s bolted shut from the other side, but if you can break it open, I’ll guide you through the facility! I’ll take you wherever you want to go!”

[Reply Music]

Duke’s jaw dropped a bit in shock and disgust as he witnessed the execution of that innocent woman. Even if she was the mother of a thug, parents should never be blamed for the sins of their children. Though there was a fringe case such a scenario was nothing but an elaborate ruse, he chose to believe Carlos’ despair to be genuine enough. From what he had seen beforehand, he wasn’t that great an actor. Though J might perhaps consider it madness, he thought it wrong to leave a vengeance-driven asset behind, especially given the particular situation they were in.

There was also the matter of getting out, both soon and safely. From what Carlos had just said, they could take the metal door on the other side, if they could manage to open it, either by force or any other means, they could start raiding the facility before reporting back with Ehrmantraut. Given how the room was currently bugged, radioing back for help was out of the question, though perhaps Carlos could be useful in identifying a safe space and moment in which to do so.

Duke briefly considered calling on the help of his Seviper to do the job, though perhaps such a recourse was still unnecessary. After all, he had a mighty competent partner at his disposition, one with access to well trained pokemon. Surely, summoning his own champion could wait until a more crucial instant. After all, Chris was his ace up his sleeve, and he preferred it if his trump card remained a surprise to his enemies. Though if he had no other option, she would have to do.

“J, hand me the knife, I’m setting him free.” He instructed quickly, almost as soon as Carlos was done pleading for their help. “It’s a calculated risk I’m choosing to take. I’ll hold myself responsible.” He excused himself ahead of time, predicting an imminent objection. “Your Trevenant, can it get us out of here?”

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