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Originally Posted by TheKnightsFury View Post
Medmana- With the new information from Jacob there was a myriad of thoughts running through your mind, trying to account for every possible eventuality. Eventually you whittle the thoughts down enough to clearly express what you need. You explain to Jacob that the Pokemon are being stored nearby and the guard that was keeping watch was in possession of a keycard that could give him access. Jacob seems pleased, "If I could distract the guard do you think you could steal his keycard? Your Seedot from earlier Ami, it looked like a sneaky little thing, do you think it could help out? If you can get the keycard and get in and out of your cell before the guard gets back then we can get my Pokemon to relieve the two of you of those bracelets. My Gligar is in a strange looking ball, it is covered in a camouflage pattern, it's a Safari Ball. His pincers should cut through the metal and being a ground type he won't be hurt if it zaps him. Just let me know if you want to go ahead with it."

Jacob had presented an option to get you free of Madame Marsh's fail safe, although the plan was likely risky. You now question Gloria, intent on learning more of her Inkay. "No, Inkay is the only other Pokemon I have, his ability is Contrary, it is pretty fun to use I must admit. I guess I could hide a Pokeball but Gothita is barely conscious so I'm unsure what you have in mind. I also think we need to push for the win, I know the odds are against us but at least we know what happens if we win, who knows what could happen if we lose. Besides, you still have that secret weapon don't you? That thing on your wrist?" It seemed Gloria had helped herself to more information, apparently she was aware of the Z Ring on your wrist. Time was against you here, if you were going to put a plan into action you needed to do it soon. The Marshals had to be called, you had to decide whether to help Jacob in order to remove the bracelet from your wrist and you also had to prepare for what could be a dangerous battle.
'There really is no privacy with you, is there?' Ami asked rhetorically when her Z-Ring was brought up. In any case, Gloria's present lack of pokemon meant that they couldn't just throw the match and still have something on their persons for getting the others back, which meant that her original plan for it wouldn't come to fruition. 'I don't really have much of a choice but to use it now, it seems. It's a bit of shame your inkay doesn't have Infiltrator, though. It would've been nice to have something to get Glimmer in and out without being noticed, seeing as she is the most recognizable pokemon in this cave right now...' She took a deep breath, mentally organizing her thoughts.

'Well, it looks like we're going to have to face the Petrovs the good old fashioned way.I was hoping that I wouldn't have to reveal my hand in front of the crowd, but... well, it wasn't that well thought out a plan in the first place.' She looked around, making absolutely certain nobody was paying attention to them. 'First, Jacob. You've already proven your stealth just by being here. I'm going to trust Glimmer to you so that you can reclaim your gligar, and that's it. If you try anything else, and you'll not only make me mad, you'll make her pissed as well. I don't think you would want to take one of her Sky Attacks directly!' With that, she passed the cyber ball to him and turned to Gloria.

'We need to come up with a game plan, seeing as we're fighting to win now. I don't know how your powers work, but... if you could try to figure out what pokemon they have on them, it should prove helpful for us.' She rubbed her temples for a moment before swapping to actual speech. "Sorry, I have a call I really have to make."

She finally felt around the area she remembered the sequin being (gosh, that has to look awkward), steeling herself to explain the situation to ears that may very well be deaf- the currently unnamed leaders from both gangs, the Petrov's presence at the facility, and the final match coming up in less than an hour. Hopefully they'll come...

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