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Medmana- With the new information from Jacob there was a myriad of thoughts running through your mind, trying to account for every possible eventuality. Eventually you whittle the thoughts down enough to clearly express what you need. You explain to Jacob that the Pokemon are being stored nearby and the guard that was keeping watch was in possession of a keycard that could give him access. Jacob seems pleased, "If I could distract the guard do you think you could steal his keycard? Your Seedot from earlier Ami, it looked like a sneaky little thing, do you think it could help out? If you can get the keycard and get in and out of your cell before the guard gets back then we can get my Pokemon to relieve the two of you of those bracelets. My Gligar is in a strange looking ball, it is covered in a camouflage pattern, it's a Safari Ball. His pincers should cut through the metal and being a ground type he won't be hurt if it zaps him. Just let me know if you want to go ahead with it."

Jacob had presented an option to get you free of Madame Marsh's fail safe, although the plan was likely risky. You now question Gloria, intent on learning more of her Inkay. "No, Inkay is the only other Pokemon I have, his ability is Contrary, it is pretty fun to use I must admit. I guess I could hide a Pokeball but Gothita is barely conscious so I'm unsure what you have in mind. I also think we need to push for the win, I know the odds are against us but at least we know what happens if we win, who knows what could happen if we lose. Besides, you still have that secret weapon don't you? That thing on your wrist?" It seemed Gloria had helped herself to more information, apparently she was aware of the Z Ring on your wrist. Time was against you here, if you were going to put a plan into action you needed to do it soon. The Marshals had to be called, you had to decide whether to help Jacob in order to remove the bracelet from your wrist and you also had to prepare for what could be a dangerous battle.

Sandaa- Having gathered information from Chad about the possible whereabouts of Jenny's father, you agree that it would be best to wait till the sun went down, the cover of darkness would make it easier for you to weave your way across the city. It's a tense wait but a couple of hours pass before the sun goes down, it was time to get moving. You set the plank across to the neighbouring building, Chad crosses first, cradling his wounded arm. You cross after him, pulling the plank back you notice a large crack was beginning to form down the center of it, luckily you weren't in need of it anymore. You both make your way down the fire escape and a quick look at the map puts you in the right direction, it was going to take some time to get to the arcade.

Darkness covered your movement quite well, aided by the fact that most of the street lights in this district were either blown or close to it. Most of the time you try to use the alley ways but sometimes you have no other option than to use the streets, traveling quickly when you have to in hopes of avoiding any patrolling gang members. It seemed there were less Ribs on the streets at night, you occasionally have to take cover as hear voices in the distance but thankfully you seem to be avoiding any direct contact. Unfortunately it seems that your luck has run out, Chad and yourself a forced to take cover behind a pile of pallets when you hear two voices closing in.

"Did you hear they pulled Herman out of a dumpster earlier?" One of the Ribs talks to the other, were they talking about the grunt you had interrogated earlier? "Yeah man I heard about that, although he wouldn't tell us how it happened aye, seems a bit strange to me." You poke your head out just enough to get a look at the pair. They were both fairly tall and well built, thankfully they didn't appear to be armed. Sitting on the shoulder of one was a Murkrow, it moved its head around constantly, apparently rather observant. A Scraggy walks alongside the other, kicking a tin can along the ground. The pair and their Pokemon were heading straight towards you, there was no easy escape route and the chances of them spotting you are fairly high.

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